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The Thread
Act X

In the meanwhile ... there is another discussion taking place.

Damselblue began two different threads on the same day with identical titles and initial posts, placing them under different topic headings.

There has been a bit of discussion going on ... let's look in here for just a few moments ...

This is beginning to get interesting!

I read to do a high SG dip before placing the live rock in the tank. I did that. I did it for 3-5 minutes.

The SG was 1.035. I wanted to kill anything bad on the rocks. Now they are saying that I killed everything.

They are blaming me.

So did I do something wrong?

Now I'm very depressed.
I cleared out a bad snail that was a coral-eater and very tiny. So I think that is good, but could I have killed the rest of the life in the tank? So, did I totally screw up?


No worries, just give it time and you'll start to see some serious life.

I wouldn't worry about killing everything with your high s.g. dip. It'll color up.

It's not impressive when you first get it sometimes.


It will be fine.

Just let it sit in the tank and cycle.

Don't get worked up about it.

Mine didn't have much life on it either, but the bacteria is what is important and how it looks in the tank. It will take awhile for stuff to start showing up.

I think it looks like most everybody's rock.

Looks good to me.

There are some interesting shapes in that batch of live rock.

As others have said, live rock will look very different after it's been in your tank for a while. I'd give it some time.

Dr. Scotty
Agree with others.

If you like the shapes, then be happy.  smile

I think it will look much better once you get sand in there and aquascape it.

It should purple up in no time!

Age of Aquarius

I think your rock looks very similar to what you ordered. Weight is hard to judge, some rock is very porous and other rock is super dense and heavy.

The rock looks decent to me, I personally don't like the denser rock cause it costs more to fill up your tank!


I think that looks like bad rock.

You should tell it to go sit in the corner till instructed otherwise ... LOL (joking).

Like others said, it looks fine and just give it time.

Be sure to keep your calc-alk-mag levels up and it should color up within a few months.

Then ... out of the blue, a post appears which changes everything ...

I purchased what was suppose to be 75 pounds of the Deepwater Vava'u from the same place.

They sent me 50 pounds and then tried to convince me that 25 pounds of water had either drained or evaporated from the rock in transit from Tonga, and that this was completely normal.

There is no customer service with this place imo. "Too bad" is exactly the attitude I received as well.

I was very unhappy with my experience ... you're taking a chance imo when ordering from this company.

Without apparent hesitation, Damselblue fully believes JesseJames ... she does not seem to question his story or ask if there could have been any type of misunderstanding ...

Well JesseJames, I think that is just plain mean of them.

I'm mad at them for my rock and you should be mad too.

Are you going to complain?

I am.

I am very upset.

The "too bad" deal they are giving us is complete nonsense. Not fair.

The website I got the SG dip from ships from the exact same place. They recommended that dip and these people said I killed all my creatures because of the high dip.

They said the live rock should only cure in 1.021 water.

That's on the low end of the scale, right people?

Isn't it supposed to be 1.025?

Hmmmm ... the website advises that for curing, 1.021 is fine ... afterall, much of that water will be thrown out almost every other day when first curing ... why waste the salt? Is that such bad advice?


It's not a total loss Damselblue.

That rock you have will most definitely color up. With a good eye for aquascaping, you should be fine.

Don't sweat the dip you performed. I don't think it did much damage to your rock, if any. .035 is not a crazy s.g. for such a short time as a dip.

You just learned a valuable lesson regarding many online vendors (there are several that are very good.) Check the vendor forum here for some with excellent reputations. The best thing you can do is leave feedback (tactfully imo) for them.

This happened quite a few months ago girl. The bitterness of (imo) being burned has passed. I'm sure your's will as well.

It seems some have done business with Birdfish and have been completely happy.


High or low SG dips done long enough will most likely kill many things on the LR, both good and bad.

It's possible that you killed many things, but that doesn't mean the entire rock is devoid of life.

Some stuff will come back, but not everything.

I wouldn't do it again in the future though. I always thought the more diversity and life the better, especially when it comes to a DSB (deep sand bed).

If something bad came in on the rock, you can always remove it later.


After some time, 2 weeks to a month, you'll see the beginnings of the LIVE in the rock.

You'll probably get some small feather dusters, macro-algae and lots of worms.

A lot of things will begin to sprout up, not just purple coralline. While the bacteria will take care of the nitrites and nitrates in the water, there will also be life that helps take care of the cleaning of the tank. It's really amazing to watch it all develop, but you have to be patient.
After all the life on the rock has been through to get into your tank, a high-salinity dip won't finish it off. Much of the life is buried deep within and still burrowing. Within a month, you will be amazed at everything going on, and it only gets better.   smile


I will have to agree with Fizz.

For the first month of having my live rock, it was just like looking at rock in water. After about the first couple of weeks to a month, suddenly things I had never seen before appeared out of no where. Feather dusters, sponges, worms, and TONS of pods.

Now, when you turn the lights out in my tank and look in with a flashlight, if you stare at the sand for a few seconds, it begins to move much like the 3D puzzle photos in the newspaper.

I wouldn't be too upset over your rock. It may look dull now but it'll come to life, and no one said you can't add more rock later that has a little bit more shape to it.   smile


It would be nice to be able to pick out your own live rock. The shapes will not allow for great aquascaping. It's going to be hard.

After this exchange of comments, Damselblue returns to "The Thread" to post these comments ...

I don't think it's funny at all.   =*(

This guy just told me too bad.

There is another post in another forum where a guy ordered 75 pounds of Vava'u and he was only sent 50 pounds.

The guy told him the same thing.

Too bad.

We will now return to "The Thread" in progress ...

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