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The Thread
Act I - Scene Two



I would not feel ripped off.

1)  I think you got a good price on the rock (~ 3.50 per lb.)

2)  The rock that is in your pictures looks very porous and has some nice shape.

3)  It does not look like what is on their website ... but give it some time and I am sure it will.

Their picture is of rock that has probably been in a reef tank for months or years. In time your rock will be populated and covered with coralline too.

Just my thoughts.


Once you aquascape it a bit, it's going to look fantastic.


I'd say it has good potential.

The only thing I don't like about it is it's kinda "blocky." (I have to stop myself right there, I don't know if blocky is a word.)   ahem.

So, anyway, try to keep the ammonia and nitrite down with water changes, get the lights, filtration, and flow running, and patiently await the grandure of your rocks.

Besides, you're only looking "skin deep."

In the end, it's all the microscopic "pores" where the bacteria hide that you bought it for anyway.


Yes it's blocks.  

Voice of Reason

I'd love to have ...

... those "BLOCKS."


On another website, it suggested doing a high specific gravity (SG) dip.

I did that for about 3-5 minutes.

It said to raise the SG to 1.035 to get rid of mantis and other bad hitchhikers.

Well, I got rid of one. It was a coral-eating snail. Would have never found it otherwise because it was so small.

Now they are telling me that I killed everything in the rocks because of the high SG dip.

They did ????
Did I?

There are still some peanut worms in the rock.

Now, I'm so depressed.

They told me I should not have done that because now I killed everything.

I killed the spores for the coralline algae.

I don't know what to do.

Looks like it's time for me to be the "little bird that whispers in your ear" ...

Here are some comments from Birdfish sent to Damselblue in e-mail messages after she asked if she may have done something wrong ...

"The only thing you can do now is wait and watch and see what happens."

"Again, wait and watch is the only course of action at this point."

"Don't be so afraid of something bad that you kill lots of things good."

"Wait and watch.  As I said in my other e-mail, it is almost a certainty that in time most of what was on it when you got it will regenerate."

"Please be patient!"

I wonder why Damselblue is saying that Birdfish told her that she "killed everything?"

Voice of Reason

Guys, everything in the rock grows back in time ... just start your flow and your filters and watch'm come to life over time.

You guys are over-reacting ... get some experience while you're layin' back enjoyin' it.

It's actually funny and entertaining hearing you guys whine ...

LMAO !    

(laughing my @$$ off !)

It looks like the complaints appear
ridiculous to Voice of Reason ...
obviously tickling his funny bone!

Now for a little background ... Damselblue included the following in one of her messages sent to the company, which included this photo ...

"As you can see from this picture, my dip didn't do the damage ... my rock came in not colorful, barely any coralline algae, and dead-looking ... look at the rock you sent me compared to what is on your website ... not similiar at all ... mine looks horrible ... maybe 5% coralline algae ... I've posted on "The Thread" and have gotten very many people's opinions ... everyone agrees with me."

Did everyone agree with Damselblue?

At this point, there have been eight different respondents, most of whom say everything is going to be fine and looks like nice pieces. And, they've given lots of good advice on what to do (wait).

Hold onto your hats ... this thread is about to get some slippery knots in it!

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