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The Thread
Act IV


I have also been told that
I did the right thing.

Whooooo told her this?
The company?  ... Whoooooo????

If you go to that other website, they give the directions to do the high salinity dip for a couple of minutes.

Oh, I see! ... A different company!

I was also sent a bad snail that Birdfish neglected to put on the website!

Birdfish ... you also did NOT include all my e-mails in this post!

Include ALL of Damselblue's e-mails ??

I am an honest, hard-working person.
I just don't feel this was fair.

I also

Whooooo said THAT?????

This makes me very upset!

The live rock at the other place is Fiji Ultra Premium as well.


It came from the EXACT same place as this rock came from.




Yes, I did the dip. I didn't want to chance it.

Yes, the bugs looked black! Like black spiders and ear wig looking bugs! They were crawling all over my gloves. All over in the rock.

I have looked at various hitchhiker websites and I cannot find on there what I saw on my rock.

Was it some type of bug from Fiji that got mixed in with my rock?

I'm sorry. It doesn't look like an amphipod.

You did not include all of my e-mails. I think that's unfair.

What did Birdfish leave out? He shared many of Damselblue's comments, but here are a few items he purposely did not include ...
"I got the shipment. There are a few things in there I found that concern me. Could you maybe help me ID them? There were tons of little black bugs and earwig looking bugs crawling around on the live rock. What is that? I've never heard of anything like that before. It makes me a little scared.

Also are mantis shrimp big or small? That earwig looking thing might have been a baby or something. I am not sure and am scared.   Please let me know. They were too fast to catch and really small.

If those pictures are straight from Fiji, you should state that in your website that those pictures were taken IN FIJI, not when they arrived."

(No mention of any spiders. The photos are taken in L.A., not Fiji.)

Now, back to Damselblue ...

There is maybe 5% coralline algae on the rocks I purchased.

Look I'm not trying to be a mean person here, but there is clearly a huge difference.

I told you that there were two pieces that looked okay. The others are huge chunks. I ordered the smaller sized rocks.

If I wouldn't have done that dip, I would have never found that coral and sand bed critter eating snail. It was too small for me to see.

I still believe this was false advertisement.

I hear has great customer service.

Isn't there anything you can do or you're willing to do to help me out here?

I did not double the dose of the SG.
That's crazy.

Damselblue says she did a dip of 1.035. In an e-mail to Birdfish, she also explained how she had been trying to raise the specific gravity (SG) in her tank ...
"The SG in the tank is only at 1.023. I couldn't raise it higher. It wouldn't raise even when I put more salt in. After the rock was in there, I put one more cup of salt in the tank. Do you think I shouldn't have done that ...?"

Does it really seem that Birdfish's comments of "water nearly twice as salty as the ocean" and "double salinity" are crazy? What about the water where Damselblue poured the salt directly in without dissolving it first? I bet that was pretty salty!

Birdfish also told me to keep the rock in a low salinity which people say to keep it at least 1.025. He says 1.021. I'm only at 1.023, so I'm sorry, but I didn't over do it here.

Damselblue seems to feel that the website recommendations for CURING live rock are incorrect and continues to confuse keeping a tank versus curing live rock. Your first couple of tanks of water will be quickly thrown out via water changes!

I just think you should try to help me out a little bit here.

Go read that post where that poor guy was shorted 25 pounds. He ordered 75 pounds and was shipped 50. He was told that was probably water weight. Well, he was still shorted 25 pounds and you were not willing to work with him either.

   Is Damselblue sure of this?

Look, I don't earn a lot of money, I'm not rich like a lot of people or well off. I saved for months and months to get this rock.

Then to have it coming in looking like base rock??

   Base rock ??

LadyOctopus said it looks COMPLETELY like base rock. She has been reefing for 10 years and worked at various stores that get live rock shipments in.

I'm sorry, but this really makes me sick to my stomach. You guys might think I'm too upset, but I believe I am not. Neither does LadyOctopus or other people on the forums.

I have been trying to set this tank up since April of last year. I just want something with the great coralline algae like in your pics. That's it. Give me something good. Something at least half ways decent with life.

What else can I say except ...

....  ::::cry
.... sorry go to that other site and read their information.

They recommended it. I've heard of other people doing it.

I did not leave it in there for hours. Just a couple of minutes to get any possible mantis shrimp out, coral eating worms, and snails. I didn't do it a long time.

I don't see how I could have killed all my life.

I'm telling you those bugs looked like bugs that you see outside walking around in the grass or something.

Not marine bugs.

::::::::::Cry I'm just so sad.

IMHO it looks fine.

Damselblue ... Your rock looks the same as the Fiji live rock I got up here in BC, Canada. I paid $4.59 a pound Canadian dollars. Actually mine is 50-50 Fiji-Tonga. The Tonga had more color and was $5.79 a pound.

Mine doesn't have much life, however I do have a fair amount of coralline. My cycle is nearly over ... having a second diatom bloom right now. I am now at Day 16, and I am starting to get a lot of color (even under my minimal lighting), and just five minutes ago I discovered PODS ... LOTS OF PODS!!! Woo hoo!

Just be patient ... it will color back up.  

Be patient young grasshopper.....

let the reef grow into the

beautiful flower of the sea.

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