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The Thread
Act VIII - Scene Two

Also, Birdfish, you state that base rock is this ...

"I think we have a problem of definitions. Base rock is devoid of all life. ALL LIFE. There is NOTHING on base rock. It is rock that has been out of the water for months with no trace of ANYTHING living on it. That is what base rock is."

And, Birdfish's message continued with ...

"That is not what you received, or even described at first when you said there were all forms of life on the rock. Things crawling around, color, worms, snails, etc. That is live rock. There are LIVING things on it. It just came out of the ocean and left Fiji the day before you got it. All the various life forms you have described on the rock prove beyond any shadow of doubt it is NOT base rock, which by definition is lifeless rock ..."

This is NOT TRUE, as we all know.

Base rock is still seeded with life.


I really want to try and get this rock problem solved.

I don't know why Birdfish ... you will not write me back. I've written you three e-mails and LadyOctopus, my friend who has been reefing for 10 years, has even written you.
Why do you neglect to write us back?

Neglect Damselblue?? (I feel neglected too.)
I wonder if they've checked their mailboxes lately ... ??


You are quoting things that I did not say.


I am just so frustrated with this.

I didn't get an apology. You guys kind of got an apology.

Yes Pacific Specifics, I have seen many live rock displays. I've seen live rock when it first gets shipped in.

I'm not trashing a vendor.

I am a good person that had a very bad experience.

Anyway, I'd like some advice on how to get these boulders ready for my attaching corals.

My photos portrayed the truth.

Why would I do this?

Why would I even start a thread about this if I wasn't telling the truth?

(Funny ... I was wondering the same thing!)

There is no reason.

Birdfish, you must not have read the entire thread because many people here have agreed with me.

Looks like base rock.

Doesn't look good.

Looks average.

You never state on your webpage that's what the rock looks like when it's first placed in the boxes from Fiji.

(This was misunderstood ... the photos were not taken in Fiji.)

You said a person can expect wonderful shapes, colors, feather dusters, corals, etc. on their live rock.

Whooooo told this to Damselblue ??????
(It could be possible ... but certainly NOT expected!)

I'd love to be happy, but my heart broke as I saw my money go towards this. I'm willing to work this out. Hey, just give me a good quality piece of live rock and I'll be happy.

My high SG dip did not kill much life.

I'm sorry to burst everyone's bubble.

Very advanced reefers have told me this. I asked if I did something wrong. Some of them do the same thing.

It's not like I left the rock in there for hours, 10 min., 6 min., etc. Only a couple of minutes.

Hmmmm ... I thought Damselblue posted
on another thread that her dip was for 3-5 minutes ...
not an issue, but the comments don't match ...
here is what was stated (for clarification's sake) ...

"I read to do a high SG dip before
placing in the tank. I did that.
I did it for 3-5 minutes. The SG was 1.035.
I wanted to kill anything bad on the rocks.
Now they are saying that I killed everything."

I am keeping my actinics on for 4 hours a day while increasing up to 6 hours.

To some rock may be just rock, but live rock in my system is part of my main filtration. Live rock in anyone's system should be the most important filtration system. Then my skimmer.

So, I want to be as nice as possible, but I have to tell you it's very hard when you switch my words around.

This is just an awful deal.

Can't you try to make this right?

I'll post and send all the pictures you want. I've got more. I just want this done right.

What happened to my smaller pieces?

Thank you everyone for reading and I am sorry, but this just really frustrates me.

Please, I'm not a dumb kid. I'm an adult.

I know what I saw and what I didn't see.

P.S. If anyone has any tips on how to make this rock not look like boulders and how I could maybe try to aquascape send me a private message. Or post here even better.

I just want this entire thing solved.

Thank you.


I would get some shelves at the lfs, spend some time aquascaping, and let it be for my own sanity.

I think the rocks look just fine for the price paid.

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