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"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."
William Congreve, English dramatist (1670 - 1729) "The Mourning Bride" - 1697 - Act III, Scene 8

Good luck from now on... let's say you now have a first hand experience to share with others.

Mr. Tibbs

I don't see a problem with the rock. Fiji rock isn't that interesting in terms of shape. If you want shape, get Tonga or Marshall Island rock or go to a site that sells WYSIWYG rock.


Damselblue - just wanted to say I sympathize with you. If you're paying for rock that has the words "super" and "premium" in it, you shouldn't expect to get the boring rubbish rock that you got sent.

I would have been disappointed too. Usually, getting a shipment of the best Fiji rock is just fantastic - you pull it out of the box and "ooh" and "ahh" over the different shapes and organisms.

Often you get plenty of stuff you don't want, like worms or crabs, but there's not much that can be done about that. Any decent seller would ensure that each box has a mix of sizes and shapes - not just big round boulders like you got.

All of Damselblue's pieces were big and round??

I think it may be a bit unrealistic to expect all the rock to be covered in purple coralline, but to suggest that you have deliberately photoshopped your pictures is just plain insulting.

Preposterous! ... such a thing was never suggested!

I hope the people reading this thread realize what a rubbish service you have got and take note. Given the profit margins on these things, the seller could have quite easily sent you some extra fantastic pieces of rock or given you a refund rather than publically insulting you.

To the gallows ... off with their heads!

Voice of Reason

Damselblue, stop whining and reading ... and start getting some experience in this hobby.

You don't need to cry over anything, you're over-reacting ... "your rocks are gonna be fine."

People in this hobby just can't believe everything they read, cause just like what works for those authors may not work for you.

You have to make your own way through this hobby and take a little from some and nothing from others.

You and your rocks are gonna be fine ... "can't wait to hear from you in the future."

It sounds to me like you're gonna come along fine and be a very good reefer very soon... "good luck to you."


Voice of Reason, the product she received wasn't the product she ordered.

Why shouldn't she be aggravated?


Damselblue ... I would stop worrying about your live rock. It is exactly like the standard accepted live rock from any online supplier.

Live rock always looks crappy when it's shipped in and live rock always has hitchhikers.

As for terms like "super premium" ... "small" etc., they technically and legally have no meaning (just as "jumbo" shrimp has no legal meaning).

As everyone has stated on here, in a few months, the rock will look great.

If the pieces are too large, break them up.

I do it quite often to mine and the results are nice, plus you create rubble for either your sump or a rubble field in the tank.

Just remember that before you publicly slander an individual or a company you had better be 100% positive about your statements.

I think this thread would have been better and more useful to you if you had simply posted the pictures and asked if this was normal for live rock and left it at that.

Lastly, donít believe everything you read or hear. The major downfall of the Internet is that anyone can post anything, just as some experts arenít.

Remember ... as another member on here once said: "Nothing Good Ever Happens Fast" (with reefkeeping).

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