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Break it up with a hammer ... it will be a mess and you will really run into some strange critters.

Drop it about 7 feet to concrete. Throw the leftover real small pieces in your sump or fuge.

I have boulders in my 75 like that. I threw in some Tonga branch to break up the look.

Forget about it and move on.

To some people here the money you spent is nothing compared to what they have wasted on crappy equipment. I do remember when it was a lot of money to me, so I appreciate your complaints.

It will look fine in a couple of months, but as I said, I would break it up.

P.S. The pictures on the website are false advertising compared to what you got, in my opinion. Show pictures of what you will get, not what it could look like in the future.

(All of the rock pictures are taken when
the rock is in transit, while in L.A., on the way to customers.)




Thank you.

If this doesn't get resolved privately and nicely, I guess I'm going to break it.

Privately and nicely ... what an interesting notion!

What kind of wonderful things should I expect to find in there?

This was a lot of money to me. I'm not well off, it takes me a long time to get money saved to pay for things.

I want to know if Birdfish saw these rocks himself? In person?

Thanks everyone for the support and for everyone's opinions.

I don't believe this post is a waste of time. I think it is very informative for others.

Sorry if I have angered anyone. I'm not as blind in this hobby as some may think.

Sal, how do you suggest I break them apart? A hammer and chisel? Where should I start? In the middle of the rock? What life forms should I be looking out for? Thank you everyone again.

This just makes me want to cry.   =*(

I ordered smaller rocks.  


Damselblue, you can try and break up the rock pieces to make it easier to aquascape.

Don't drop in the floor or else you'll end up with tons of small little pieces of live rock.

Take a chisel, or, as in my case, my husband's large screwdriver and try to chisel off bigger pieces of rock with a hammer and something sharp. Wear gloves and safety glasses because the rock does break into sharp shards when you hit it. Good luck.


Some advice to anyone breaking live rock into smaller pieces.

First, wear eye protection, second, live rock is very brittle - you may end up with some smaller, usable pieces, but most of what you'll get will be rubble.

If you're doing this indoors ...

a) put down a big sheet of plastic, a large garbage bag will do

b) put your least interesting rock down in the middle of it

c) put another sheet of plastic over it - a clear garbage bag is good.

d) carefully wipe clean of any oil or dirt the blade of the chisel

e) strike at a deep indentation or other weak point

f) watch out for flying sharp edged bits of rock. Like I said, wear eye protection

g) if you get any useful smaller pieces from this, sand off any sharp edges

When you're done, carefully rinse and dry any tools that got sea water on them.

Probably peanut worms will have tunneled deep into the rock.


I don't see how I can mash the rock without bits going everywhere as you mentioned Sal and still keeping a semi decent structure.

I do not feel as though I have been whining.

I'm expressing my feelings and thoughts on the subject at hand here.

The structures are very disappointing.

I paid that much for it, so I believe I should have gotten something similar to what's on their website. It is a lot of money. I'm not sure yet, what I'm going to do. I'm waiting for it to cure.

It's just so big and it's mounds. These shapes are going to be very hard to work with.


This makes me want to break my rock!


But my rock is too small to attempt such things!

Voice of Reason

This is what I'm talking about Damselblue, get down and dirty ... ha, ha get the experience and read as much as you like... "just remember it's not law!"

Also, vendors are in this hobby for $$$ and that's the reality, so if you don't want to be disappointed like many of us have been..."hand pick in person only." If you remember these things you'll enjoy this hobby from now on with little disappointments.

Yes ... Damselblue should have paid more money
to hand select her live rock. Rocks directly off
the reef have random shapes and just aren't
made to order ... works for some, but not for all.


Voice of Reason ... will do.

I don't think it's fair that the vendors are in it for the money.

I think they should also be there for providing the best product and making their customers happy. You know?

Lighting in this hobby is ridiculously expensive.

It would be very nice to hand pick your own rock. I guess that's what us hobbyists just have to do.

It's too bad so many of us have to be disappointed.

Thank you Sal ... maybe I will attempt this as soon as I have some time.


I wish Damselblue wasn't so disappointed too.

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