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The Thread
Act XIX - Scene One

After giving the situation considerable thought, Birdfish returns to "The Thread" ...


Hi all,
Are we having fun yet?
Welcome to the people's court.

There are many issues that need addressing, the rock, rock weights (later), and what is being said about us here.

I apologize.

It was not our choice.

A lot of the Fiji out there is boat rock, and ours is not, hence the difference in appearance. Ours does not sit for weeks, as live macro life forms (worms, snails) prove. That is also why you have to wait for your order when you place it with us.

As we in the industry have said for decades: "Anyone who thinks the customer was always right was never in the tropical fish business."  

First and foremost in my view, there is never any acceptable reason to rant publicly without being 100% factual.

No matter how angry one is, one must be honest, and factual.

To do otherwise is abusive. This is no place for fiction and drama. You cannot say anything you want or need to that disparages a person or company. A single false word is little more than holding a knife to someone's throat and terrorism when done in a forum like this, no matter how mad you are about some injustice, perceived or real. We do not negotiate with terrorists here. You can't honestly fix a customer's problem until the customer is honest about the problem.

If you have an honest problem, you deal with it honestly. Damselblue received a reply from me this week saying we were working on her problem (trying to keep up with it) and would be in touch shortly. LadyOctopus received three responses from our office this week (which it is clear were passed on). Plus, there has been a public post, for a total of five responses this past week.

Hardly what has been characterized here. This is typical of the constant, unfortunate mis-characterization of the transaction, for the sole purpose of swaying public opinion negatively (manipulating).

We ARE really sorry Damselblue didn't get her dream box. Virtually everyone does, as besides this, we hear weekly (and see pictures) that "the rock is as good or better than what we show on our website." Every kind of rock, every time. Where are all the other "bad rock" threads? We have literally tons of extremely happy customers.

No one has done a fraction as much to show live rock variation as we have. As one astute person has pointed out, there are some boulders on our website. Another sharp cookie noted there is pistachio (green) coralline on Damselblue's live rock. Proving once again that all of us are smarter than any of us!

Another view ...
(with some light shined on the subject)

We understand and sympathize with Damselblue's disappointment with the shapes. And we will do something to try to make her less disappointed. But she has to be honest about everything, all the time, meanwhile. Why send e-mails saying you don't want to slander us, while you do and are? I have not responded completely in private because Damselblue has chosen to make this public, and has made it clear it is not altogether safe to say things to her. Damselblue has the uncanny ability to "quote" things that were never on our website! Without the facts, there can be no truth. Without the truth, there are no facts.

Each day this past week, Damselblue has gotten on this board and lamented how we didn't give her *the small pieces* she ordered, in one way or another. Is that honest?

Now let's have another look at what she really wanted, what she ordered, and what really transpired.

The most grave concern was that she got LARGE pieces. Since Damselblue spoke with and communicated with Mrs. Birdfish, I am going to hand it over to her ...

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