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The Thread
Act XIX - Scene Three


YES ... initially I asked you if the Large pieces box would be too large for my aquarium.

Hmmmm ... let me think back a minute. I'm not sure that Damselblue ever asked if the Large pieces box would be too large for her aquarium ...

Damselblue's Initial Inquiry ~
"I am going to be ordering the Ultra Fiji Premium Large Pieces. I would like some Large pieces, but also maybe some smaller ones."

Damselblue's Second Inquiry ~
"If I ordered the other box of Fiji would I also get some larger pieces as well or should I just go with the large?"

   (Damselblue did NOT ask that question.)


Why would I ?

ANYONE can go to your website and look for themselves.

   I'm a little puzzled. Did I miss something? I don't know what I'm looking for at the website! ....??

You did inform me that the large show pieces box would be too large for my aquarium.

Yes, you did tell me that I'd receive various sizes.

   Various ... as in medium to medium-large.

This is what was said ...

"As for the sizes within a regular versus large pieces box ... you would more than likely receive some larger sizes in the regular box ... a *mix of medium to medium-large* pieces. It would probably be better for you than the Large ..."

It has made me cry and I am being 100% honest.

   I believe Damselblue has been crying.    100% !!!

I started crying at work, then I cried at home.

Ask LadyOctopus if you don't believe me.

   I believe !!!   I BELIEVE !!!

This way folks !!

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