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The Thread


I have always been and will always be 100% truthful.

I got a box of bad rock.

Yes, initially I asked you about the Large pieces box.

Yes, LadyOctopus did write to you because she felt I was getting nowhere.

I feel horrible about this.

I will never order online again because of this.

I will go to my LFS and see what live rock I can find there.

I will save my money and this time do it right.

You admit the pieces are not the "best quality and they are bulky."

(Here is what has been said ... "it does not look like our fanciest stuff that is usually shipped" ... and, "... we do agree with you that the pieces you received are bulkier than you wanted ..." ... and, as Birdfish noted, "the shapes look GREAT to me .. I see a cave or tunnel, lots of relief.")

I got a bad box of live rock which you have even stated was not good.

That was my point.

Many people here agree with me. I am not saying everyone, I am saying many.

I am not a vindictive person. I'm looking for rectification.

Also, please tell me, how do you know what's inside your box of live rock you send out?

Did you look in my box before sending it out to me?

(Many boxes of this type of live rock include large pieces in them ... so, this would not have seemed out of the ordinary to the company's driver or anyone else who would have checked the live rock.   These types of large pieces of live rock are something many folks are actually looking for and want.)

Customer service should always be a Number One priority with any company.

I am not a kid. I am an adult. I've been through life.

My father called to speak with you and you will not even speak with him.

Is Damselblue sure about this ?

I am upset.

I really hope no one else EVER has to go through this again.


I would sell that crappy looking boulder shape rock to a LFS and then try another vendor. There are many here that have gotten great rocks elsewhere.

It's the bad side of people that come through the internet in insulting and mean manors.

(I think he means "manners.")

It sux that some have treated you like they have. Some of ya'll need to grow up and treat people as you wish to be treated.

Things will work out in the end.

Cheer up.

  Poor Damselblue.

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