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The Thread ~ Final Act

Mr. Tibbs

The problem is you should be ordering rock by how much the average rock weighs or the average length or width.

"Small, medium and large" can be interpreted differently by each person and are relative terms.

Not really the vendor's fault that your definition of "small" is not the same as the vendor's definition of "small" or "smaller."


What a great read.

Amazing how opinions can differ.

Two things I want to add.

1. Damselblue - please start using paragraphs!! I didn't even bother reading your last few posts as they were doing my head in. Sorry.

2. Base Rock - in the good old UK it refers to dead rock such as tufa, lava, etc. Never heard of it mentioned anywhere on the five or six forums and many clubs and shops I visit as anything else.

I agree with whoever it was who said about semantics. You guys have been arguing the same side really. lol



Originally posted by bonzo
"I pity the poor LFS when your first hermit dies."

A G R E E D .

I too did not read the last two posts as this thread is becoming repetitive.

I think your rock looks OK!

It sure is not the best looking rock I've seen, BUT it does not look too bad.

Rocks come in all shapes.


Thank you.

I will use paragraphs from now on since it is offensive.

If I get a hermit that dies, then that is fine.

Thank you for your post.

If you spent money for something that wasn't as portrayed, I think you'd be a little upset.

Also putting me in the same category as a terrorist is just plain mean and shows no customer service skills.

So I'm sorry for everything I've done once again.


Every single person on here has spent money and not received what they expected or equipment that has not worked as advertised.

I have purchased Seaclone and Berlin Skimmers, Rio pumps, cheap heaters, etc., all of which were advertised as high-quality and turned out to be junk.

I've recently purchased from a company (complete disaster) and received four dead lettuce nudibranchs that I now have a credit for, but I must purchase additional livestock and pay shipping to use my $26 credit.

I went to my LFS and purchased two recommended peppermint shrimp that were devoured by my hawkfish in 10 seconds.

I'm truly not trying to bash you and I completely understand your disappointment. When I'm PO'd, I explain it in the vendor experiences forum and take it as a lesson learned.

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Enough, take this private !
"The Thread" is CLOSED .............

Good Night.

Not quite yet little guy ... the story didn't quite end here!

Damselblue still had more to say ... she constructed the following complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

Here's what she had to say ...
I need to report this company because they did not send me the items requested. I requested a specific live rock and got something that was nothing like what was on their website.

When I brought this to their attention, they did nothing to want to help me. I then took it to a public forum. They admitted on the forum that this live rock they sent me was not their best stuff. That they knew it was bulky and blocky.

I cannot use this to aquascape.

This rock came in infested with live black land spiders. There was no coralline algae on this rock. Maybe 5%. In their pictures, they have a least rock with 80% coralline.

This is beneficial to a reef aquarium, which is what I was starting. They publicly referred to me as a terrorist and that they would not deal with terrorists. This in no way shows me they are willing to try and make up for the crap they sent me.

Most of this live rock was dead upon arrival. It was supposed to be live.

They referred to me on a public forum as a terrorist because I told them how unhappy I was with my rock.

I donít know if anyone there knows anything about reef keeping. Live rock is the basis of a reef system.

I ordered 66 pounds of live rock. This live rock came almost completely dead.

It was supposed to be specific shapes like they show on their website and instead I got boulders and have almost no where to place corals. No coralline algae, barely anything live.

The box also contained a lovely nest of spiders as I opened the box. An infestation that was really gross. There were tons of spiders and they were crawling around my apartment, on me, and my gloves as I was going through trying to get them out. It was really gross.

This seller is a scam artist and I want to try and help other hobbyists out there, so they are warned about this company.

They offered to send me smaller pieces. I do not want this. I was publicly slandered.

I am a good person. They referred to me as a terrorist, they lied about me several times online to various people. They said I tried to order two times from. Extra Large pieces. First off, my aquarium is small. Itís a 40 gallon reef. Extra Large pieces would not fit.

They lied about me so many times, I cannot even count.

They have very, very poor customer service skills and are mean. They only offered to help after almost two weeks of me privately e-mailing them. Then I posted on the reef forums.

Then that is when other people stepped up and said I was sent crappy rock as well. This is supposed to be Ultra Fiji Premium. The best. Well, I got base rock. Completely and utterly disgusting.

I do not want to deal with anyone that would refer to me as a terrorist. I donít know if itís because of my last name or what. They are cruel and mean. Other customers should not have to ever deal with this.

Consumerís Desired Resolution: I want a refund.

And here I thought I was going to get some sleep! I wonder what the folks on "The Thread" would have thought if they read what Damselblue wrote within days of "The Thread" being closed?

I'm too curious now ... what happened next? (But don't keep me up too long ... it's WAY past my bedtime !!)

Upon receipt of the copy of Damselblue's BBB complaint, the company responded.

The Better Business Bureau was sent the link to Damselblue's intial post in "The Thread." They closed her case.

After this occurred, Damselblue then contacted her credit card company and they were then sent the link to her initial post on "The Thread." They too denied her claim.

Please join us in our
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