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The Thread
Act XVI - Scene One


Thank you LadyOctopus for the support and help.

Yes, it is a learning experience.
Unfortunately ... not one I was hoping for.

I wanted to share my concerns and problems I knew I would face.

I wonder HOW Damselblue knew she would face problems ...?

I first started the post as
"Is this good LR or bad LR?"

(From Damselblue's actual first post ...
"Does this look like good Live Rock or Bad LR? ...
I just want to know if this looks like good LR or bad LR.")

In my opinion, the rock didn't look like the shapes that were posted on the website. I wanted people who had been in the hobby to let me know their opinions before I was slammed for expressing mine.

I remember many favorable opinions
at that time ...
(on BOTH of Damselblue's threads!)

I wasn't expecting the exact shapes, but something similar as their website medium depicts. Various shapes and sizes. Not large mounds. The shapes in the boxes on their site were varied, open, would provide great aquascaping opportunities, and would allow for good pod populations to flourish.

live rock can't offer
aquascaping opportunities
and flourishing
pod populations??

I informed the company of the size of my aquarium. A 40-gallon breeder.

I asked for their advice on the rock to purchase. I was led to the smaller box of Fiji Ultra Premium. Not the large show pieces.

That is what I am referring to when I say the smaller pieces.

I do not believe I was slandering the seller.

I am sorry if it sounded AS IF I was.

I just wanted some help from the seller.

Things Birdfish said about me were falsified.

I wonder what things?

That angered me and I let my emotions run freely.

I am honest.

I would have no reason to lie to anyone here.

What would be my point?

I wonder what would be the point ...?

What would be the point in creating doubt?

I wonder if this could be what this is all about ....?

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