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The Thread
Act XVI - Scene Two

The Amazing Highs and Lows of Damselblue and Her Live Rock

She posted to a forum ... "does this look good or bad?"

Some of the folks said they'd love to have those rocks she had!

She told them the sizes were too big and the shapes were too round,

It didn't have coralline algae and it looked like a mound.

The hobbyists told her that coralline can also be green ...

She knew that, BUT STILL ... it's not like the live rock she had seen.

At the message board, she was disappointed and sad,

And told the kind folks there that the company told her "TOO BAD !!"

She'd taken photos of her rocks ... some in the box and some in poor light,

And demanded of the company to hurry and "make this right!"

Causing her great upset was her own quote

Of an e-mail to the company, in which she wrote

About raising the s.g. and pouring salt into her tank ...

Her posts to the forum decribed how her heart sank.

Birdfish stepped in to say he did not agree

With what Damselblue had done with the hyper-salinity.

She said she had read about this on another website,

And she said that other reefers told her this was right.

She exclaimed that she "did not pour salt all over the rocks!"

And, that the papers, "I assure you, covered nothing special in the box!"

It didn't seem to matter that the company had been conversing,

Or that fellow hobbyists had explained that her rock needed nursing,

She stated that she would not be able to aquascape,

That she was sent no variety, only boulders with no shape.

She insisted the company was not credible and was not being true.

And so began the perils of Damselblue ...

The End
(of my little poem that is)

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