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The Thread

I've learned my lesson before.

Never order from no "mom and pop" shops that you can't find reviews on. I've ordered from a place like that before and got burnt in more ways than one from that place.

Most collectors of marine fish and live rock are family businesses. As are many local fish stores! Hmmm ... I wonder if Hewey prefers only the "big guy" retailers and chain stores? You know, where you might be sent home with a new set-up and a bag of salt under one arm and a lionfish under the other?

Something tells me that Hewey has never considered that the collectors, exporters, and most of the distributors are primarly "mom and pop" family-run operations.

Right or wrong about the rocks, two things to note: It seems birdman is actually trying real HARD to convince the members of this forum that Damselblue lacks camera skills and the paper was covering the nice pieces. What a load in the pants.

Birdfish never said Damselblue lacked camera skills. Just take a look at that paper there!

Look at the lengthy post (assuming to defend himself) making excuses for the rock that THEY sold. It's called customer support, buddy. Don't sell stuff then not be able to back up what you sell. That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. That place customer support sucks and there's nothing you will be able to do about it.

I don't remember anyone making excuses. Hey Hewey! Don't I know you from somewhere? I think I recognize you from another post.

Squawk! OH YEAH ... I remember you! I saw your post on that other thread of Damselblue's!

Do I smell a rat? Whaddya think, I was just hatched last night??

Squawk! This was you alright ... I'd know your face anywhere!

Here's what you posted over there ...


I think that looks like bad rock. You should tell it to go sit in the corner till instructed otherwise ... LOL (joking). Like others said, it looks fine and just give it time.
I'm not an idiot by any means and sure, that rock will color up in time, but that's not the point. You spend that much money for something, it should be as advertised.

Those rocks do NOT look nice by any means.

As far as the other place and this place collecting from Fiji. Hello ??? It's not like we're talking Fiji and Carib rocks here, it all came from the same place and it's the same kind of rock. No excuses.


Damselblue seems to think that information she read somewhere else on the Internet regarding hyper-saline treatments should be applied to HER live rock because it was from Fiji and the site where she got that information also carried Fiji live rock.

But, HER Fiji live rock was not purchased at the other company that gave that (questionable) advice ... she bought it from a company that DOES NOT advise using the treatment. No excuses necessary ... the company she purchased from does not recommend the dip.

This place must get what's left after all the other companies get their picks cuz it sure looked like beat big boulder sized rock to me.

It just burns me off when someone spends money like that and then gets screwed. I've ordered rocks from a few different sites before and the uncured Marshall Island rock is by far the best rock I've seen or had.   Interesting to note that it was 95% + coverered in coralline. Not all purple either. There was green, red, and orange. Good luck with your rocks.

(Also interesting to note that Damselblue had some green coralline on her Fiji live rock.)


Thank you Hewey.

Thank you everyone.

I really appreciate the support Hewey.

I bet you do, Damselblue!

I felt like I was alone for the first part of "The Thread."

In the future I'm going for clams, LPS, with maybe an SPS in the future. I just don't see how I'd attach those corals and clams to this. I'm waiting. I'm just stuck right now. To top it off, my Aquamate refractometer stopped working!

That really made me mad. I'm having bad luck here. Do any of you know where I might be able to get that thing fixed? It was another bad purchase from me.

I am now using a Deep Six. I liked the Aquamate. Any suggestions?

Yes, hobbyists shouldn't have to deal with experiences like this. It's very frustrating. A bad start. I do not doubt they have happy customers. I had been recommended by other members to them. I just got a really bad batch.

At this point I do not care about the lack of coralline. It would have been nice, but it will come back. I am upset about the boulders.

How can I aquascape?

Well, there is one piece that is usable. The other pieces are boulder-like masses. I can see it being a base in say a 100 or 200+ system being on the bottom of the nicer shaped rock. I think it would work great for that.

For my 40 breeder, it's just too big and boulder shaped.

I was expecting smaller pieces from what I had asked them. I asked them what size box they recommended. The large show piece box or the regular box.

I was told that the regular box would have small, medium and maybe a large piece.

Is Damselblue sure about this?

Again, one piece is usable. It's smaller.

Looks more branchy. It's very fragile though.

A piece of it broke so I put it in my sump.

Oye. I will have to post some more pictures soon.

Hopefully, I will capture the rock better.

I believe that my reading has helped me. I don't believe everything I read.

I do, however, always hope for the best possible outcome and try to do as much unbiased research as possible. I read as many books as I can get my hand on.

I didn't want to go in this hobby blind. I belong to two local fish clubs. One specifically for reefkeepers. The other is for reefkeepers and freshwater keepers.

I've been doing my research since April of last year. As I had stated before, I am not well off and need to save for quite a long time before actually making my purchases. I hope some can be a little forgiving of a new hobbyist. I'm here because I love the animals. I want to provide the best possible life for them. I want them to be able to move around freely, yet feel very secure and happy. Thank you all.

Age of Aquarius

Good Luck with it.

I think it will all work out, keep us updated.


Thank you.

I hope everything will work out.

Still haven't heard anything from Birdfish.   =(

Not a peep !?
Really ???
Are you sure, Damselblue?

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