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The Thread
Act XVIII - Scene One

Hi all,

We are very sorry Damselblue didn't get the shapes she wanted. Usually we hear "I couldn't have picked better pieces." I have zoomed in and scrolled around Damselblue's photos in extreme detail, and it is fresh live rock with life. (As live macro forms indicated.)

First let me say my last post was not an answer to Damselblue's problems. It was an answer to some false things being posted here.

We will do something to attempt to ease Damselblue's pain. But it will be done based on the facts, not the flurry or the fury.

We have been working on it. It takes time. Research, analysis, international communications, answering posts ... it all takes time. There is no "wiggle your nose" instant, easy solution to this dilemma. We will do something though. There's more to it than has met this thread.

It is very important to us that all of our customers are happy. The only thing as important is that they keep the facts straight on the way.

more regarding this later.....


Birdfish, yes please ease my pain.

Why would I say anything false?


I want nothing but the best for my tank, these fish, and my corals.

I'd never say anything false.

I'm not that kind of person.

I've written you again with no response back. Why won't you at least write me privately to say you're sorry about this?

(There has been a public apology offered.)

How can I place corals on these rocks?

How can I place clams?

I just want this resolved in the best possible way.

Resolution in the best way possible was a mutual goal.

But, the true facts were very unclear. A fair solution can be a unique challenge under these circumstances.

Sorting through the information at hand, Birdfish read the opinions of Damselblue's fellow hobbyists, as well as some of what she had to say ...

Wish I would have known people have had trouble with them before I bought it.

Go read that post where you shorted that poor guy 25 pounds of LR.

The guy told him the same thing. Too bad.

I do not believe I was slandering the seller.

This rock is base rock.

What happened to my smaller pieces?

The people that sent me the rocks said to keep temps at 71 with an SG of 1.021.

I DO REMEMBER READING ON YOUR SITE TO DO A DIP THAT CONSISTS OF 1.030 SG! Then you took it down. I think this is crap.

Let's see your new pictures of what it really looks like hmmm????
Things Birdfish said about me were falsified.

I am honest.

I would have no reason to lie to anyone here.

I have tons of pictures. You want more? I'll give you more.

There is maybe 5% coralline algae on the rocks I purchased. The rock has very nice shapes. Thank you very much. I am not sure about the coralline algae though. Some of it looks green. Well, then it's probably not coralline.

....... later ......

I am disappointed in the live rock I purchased. The pieces are nice shapes, but the rock looks like base rock.

There were many positive comments made regarding Damselblue's live rock ...

It looks good to me. -Rock-60's

Looks pretty average to me. -Convict Tang

Looks like good sizes to me. -Beach Bert

I think that your rock is just fine. -Rad Atom

To me, it looks very much like what they have on the website although you just don't have any coralline algae on there yet. -Watchman

I agree with Watch... "nice big show pieces," no doubt they are some physically good-looking pieces. -Voice of Reason

The rock that is in your pictures looks very porous and has some nice shape. -Vitality

That rock will be simply the bomb in 3 months fear not. -John Q Reefer

Your rock is fine. -Anthias

Looks pretty decent .... just wait awhile, it will look even better!! -ButterflyBonanza

Your rock will be fine ... give it some time and you will be amazed at the life!!!! -TriggerReef

Use a bottle of patience and the rock will look fine. -hilighter

Your live rock is going to be fine, believe me. -Voice of Reason

IMHO it looks fine. -dragonlet

I don't think it looks like base rock, I really don't think it's all that bad looking. -Age of Aquarius

It is exactly like the standard accepted live rock from any online supplier. As everyone has stated on here, in a few months the rock will look great. -Webbster

I don't see a problem with the rock. -Mr. Tibbs

I'd say it has good potential. -coolone

There are some interesting shapes in that batch of live rock. -MakeTheScene

Once you aquascape it a bit it's going to look fantastic. -Reefdrum

Stack that rock creatively and let it grow. -Gill

After thinking it over, a question remained in Birdfish's mind ... how could so many hobbyists have such positive things to say if the live rock was as bad as Damselblue had described?

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