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The Thread
Act XVIII - Scene Two


"research, analysis, international communication..."

Sorry ... but what has all this BABBLING got to do with a customer getting a box of BAD live rock?


How long does it take to do this research, analysis, international communications, answering posts for me?

You've seen what I received.

What type of analysis?

Also what type of research?
As Damselblue's situation was being investigated, her sense of urgency increased and she pressed for quick solutions and easy answers.

As Birdfish stated, a fair solution was being sought, with all information being taken into consideration.

Some research included contacting other customers who had received live rock from the same shipment as Damselblue.

One of the other customers sent some photos of their live rock. (No similar complaints were received.)

The comments of the respondents were being reviewed and it was noted that there were fewer opinions which offered negative comments and three quarters of the respondents offered positive comments regarding Damselblue's live rock.

Damselblue's photos were also being studied.
Now for a little analysis ...

We are going to take a closer look at this box of live rock. First, to refresh our memory, here are a couple of the photos Damselblue posted ... a top view and a bottom view.

Here are some of the pieces a little closer so we can take a better look ... the color has been removed from some of the photos so we can better focus on the shapes and sizes. Again, top views and bottom views are shown.

Let's look just a little closer at some of the other photos ...

On this photo, under closer inspection, there may be an arch on the left, but there is definitely a hole or cave on the right ...

... here is another view of that same piece.

Some of the shapes could almost appear to be interesting.

Damselblue's main complaint had to do with a lack of space in her tank as well as an inability to aquascape with these pieces of live rock.

LadyOctopus -
"there simply isnít enough room to aquascape"

Damselblue -
"For my 40 breeder, it's just too big"

Now, let's take another look at Damselblue's tank to see what kind of available space there is ...

These are some comments from Damselblue in regard to aquascaping ...

"Please tell me, how do I attach corals to rocks that are shaped like boulders?"

"How can I aquascape with that?"

"These shapes are going to be very hard to work with."

"I am upset about the boulders. How can I aquascape?"

"How can I place corals on these rocks? How can I place clams?"

"Again, one piece is usable ..."

"The shapes will not allow for great aquascaping. It's going to be hard."

Let's take another look so we can toss some ideas around ...

A couple of the pieces are a bit large, but it appears as though they could be worked with creatively if we give it a try.


Here are some two dimensional cut out examples of the pieces in Damselblue's photo ...

And, here are the pieces again ...

Okay, now we're ready for a few design ideas!

It looks as though a myriad of aquascaping possibilities are indeed available!

Analysis results ... it appears that there are some unique designs that could be created with these pieces of live rock. Research and analysis shows the shapes to be quite varied and interesting.

During the course of events, the company was thinking of the best way to help Damselblue with her situation and several options were considered in regard to Damselblue's circumstance.

Since Damselblue stated that there she was experiencing a space limitation in regard to her ability to aquascape, this needed to be considered when offering possible solutions.

So, a message was sent to Damselblue from the company offering some possible alternatives that may have helped her overcome some of these obstacles and lessen her obvious dissatisfaction ...
Dear Miss Blue,

We would like to address your concerns regarding your live rock from Fiji. We understand that some of the pieces were larger than you wanted for your tank and that you would have preferred some of them to be smaller than they are. We'd like to do something to try to make you happier ... not because you didn't get what you ordered or that anything is wrong with the rock, but because you are unhappy with how some particular pieces are shaped.

Perhaps you can either break up one of the larger pieces or try to sell it to a local store or to someone who may be interested in a piece of live rock who has a larger tank.

We can send you some smaller pieces of live rock from our system here. This is cured live rock that has been in our holding facility, as we are building a new system. This would be live rock that is usually not for sale by us. Although fully cured already, it would require a little curing, since it would be out of the water during shipping. The package would be sent soon and would be delivered to your house.

There is another option available that may suit you, and that is that in the near future we will have a fragging facility here in which we will have assorted polyps for sale. This would be sand polyps, zoanthids, button polyps, star polyps, etc. When we have these items available, we could send you some nice assorted polyp rocks. It will be a couple of months before that is ready.

It all depends on what would work best for you at this time. We told you from the start that we would like to work with you on this, but feel you thought otherwise.

Please let us know if one of these options or possible remedies might work for you, so we can begin to make arrangements for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you.

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