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The Thread ~ Act XXII

I think I'm having a very strange dream .....

Gee ... first the company said that Damselblue wasn't telling the truth. Now they have said that by posting false statements on a public forum that Damselblue is terrorizing the company!

How awful! Why would they be saying these terrible things about her?

Good question.

Damselblue says that she has been completely honest.

Perhaps we don't have all sides of the story.

All sides of the story?
I wonder what could be missing ...?

  Okay ... let's search through the communication logs to see if there could be any information we may have missed ...

Hmmmm .... I see ...

What ????

What do you see ????

There is a note ... it's from Damselblue to Birdfish.

What does it say?

Here is some of what Damselblue wrote ...

Hello This is For Birdfish,

Hello Birdfish. This is Damselblue.

I am wondering if you got my e-mail with the pictures in them? If so, could you please respond to my questions?

My friend LadyOctopus also wrote you. I'd appreciate a response so we can get this cleared up as soon as possible.

The Fiji was not what I had ordered.

I ordered the smaller pieces, with maybe a couple of large ones as well with great coralline algae coverage. The coralline is not even there. It's base rock.

Base rock is really rock that is seeded by only minimal life. That is what I received from this shipment.

I want to try to resolve this as soon as possible please.

I have a lot of reef friends in this area and I belong to two well-known clubs.

Please get back to me and hopefully we can clear this up so I can have only positive things to say about your company on "The Thread."




Damage their reputation ?

That's what she said.


Gosh ... it sort of looked as though she was actually trying to damage their reputation ...

You mean by saying that the company told her "too bad" when they were in the process of trying to help her?

  Well ... telling others that they told her "too bad" sure didn't look very good for the company, did it? Or, saying that they sent her base rock without coralline.

No, it didn't ... not at all.

And, she said that the company recommended something on their website when they hadn't.

Yep ... that's right, she did.

She said that it "used to be there" and that they "took it down" ... kind of made them look pretty silly, didn't it?

Yes, it SURE did.

And, she said that they told her she killed everything on her live rock ...

  That's right.

She did, didn't she?

What they said was that even IF she did kill everything, that it would most certainly regenerate in time.

Gee ... there was also some other misquoted information that could have made them look foolish ...

  Yes, there was ... you're absolutely right.

But, Damselblue says that she has been 100% honest and that she has not stated anything false.

Yep ... that's what she says.

She said she just wanted some help from the company and that she wasn't slandering anyone.

  Yes ... that is what she said.

So, what does all of this mean?

How could posting false comments get her help?

That doesn't make sense to me.

  Hmmmmm ... perhaps she thought that the company would be more willing to help her if she posted comments that she thought they wouldn't like.

You mean do something she wanted them to do so she wouldn't post any more bad comments ???

  It could be ...

Oh ... maybe that's why she told the company that others agreed with her on "The Thread" ...?

  Hmmmm ... that's a thought.

Yet, at that point in time, nobody had agreed with her ... one person actually said, "To me, it looks very much like what they have on the website ...."

At the time when she told the company that others "totally agreed," over a half dozen respondents had replied with positive comments about her live rock.

  Hmmmmm. That's interesting.

Maybe she thought others agreed with her because LadyOctopus said that her live rock looked like base rock. And, both of them were writing the company at the same time.

Yes, they were both writing the company ... and, Damselblue's father also called the company, twice. All of this going on while two threads were started by Damselblue.

Golly ... it's almost like the company was bombarded!



Here's a definition for you ...

To keep attacking or pressing with questions, suggestions, etc.


I guess they were bombarded.

But, the company may have been able to help her if she would have just written them to ask some questions or explain her feelings.

Yep. It sure seems that way.

I don't think she really gave them a chance to help her, did she?

Nope ... it sure doesn't seem like it to me ... she was making negative comments about them on "The Thread" before they even had a chance to reply to her e-mail.

  No, she did not give them a chance to help her ... in fact, she posted that they told her "too bad" before they knew what was going on.

Gee ... that doesn't seem very fair.

It didn't have to be this way ... did it?

Nope. Too bad, isn't it?

  Yes ... that is too bad.

It's not only too bad ... it's SAD.

Yep. Sure is.

  I have an idea ... let's get back to the final pages of "The Thread" so we can see what happens, shall we?

Okay ... let's do that.

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