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The Thread
Act XXV - Scene Two

In a personal message to Damselblue, an offer has been made by the company.

Although, it appears that Damselblue may have found herself too tightly caught up in "The Thread" ...

Damselblue's reply to the company's offer ...

I feel like I just cannot trust you to try and make this right.

I just really don't feel I can trust a seller that would compare me to a terrorist and one that would say I am lying and tried to place two orders before for X-Large rock.

I'm sorry, it is just very unsettling.

For some unknown reason, Damselblue has misunderstood the terminology used in reference to the Large pieces. Birdfish used the abbreviation of "XL" for extra large ... or in this case, simply Large.

It's a term commonly used interchangeably in regard to very large pieces of live rock. Birdfish would not have been able to guess that it could be misunderstood by Damselblue to such an extent.

Also, Damselblue has taken offense to what Birdfish has stated in regard to her comments and behavior on the public forum. After rejecting the company's offer and suggestions, she now returns to "The Thread" ...

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