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"... Damselblue attempted (twice) to order XL's"

WHAT ??????

This is a complete flat out lie.
I tried to order XL two times?

Really ??
How come you never charged my card?

I didn't try to order

I asked for your advice if I should get the "LARGE SHOW PIECES BOX."

It was not
and I never tried to order it!

I am being honest with you.
Why don't you write me these things in e-mail? You've never once said, "You tried to order extra large pieces and we would not fill it for you because your tank is too small."

I NEVER tried to order EXTRA LARGE pieces.


I asked your opinion on which rocks you would suggest for my 40 breeder before I placed my order.

I would LOVE to see where I tried to order X-Large pieces one time or even two times.

I never tried to place an extra large live rock order.

Looks as though I need to recall what Mrs. Birdfish posted ... I remember she said something about explaining to Damselblue that the Large pieces were "very large" ...

Damselblue's Initial Inquiry:
"I am going to be ordering the Ultra Fiji Premium Large Pieces. ... I would like some Large pieces ..."

Damselblue's Second Inquiry:
"If I ordered the other box of Fiji would I also get some larger pieces as well? Or should I just go with the Large?"

First off, I would NEVER order extra large pieces.

Extra large pieces for a 40 breeder????

I'm a part of two Reef Clubs and I am a member on many other forums.

Do you honestly think I'd be that irresponsible to order extra large pieces?

~~ Very Large ~~ Extra Large ~~
~ very large ~ extra large ~
~~~~~ I am beginning~~~~~
~~~ to get very extra sleepy ~~~

I am honest.
I'll let anyone look at my credit card statement. I have absolutely nothing to hide.

If you said I tried to place the order two times what happened with that?

If everyone goes to the website to view the photos, they do not even have an Extra Large section to purchase their rock. Or that type of rock.

As Birdfish Stated ~
"Damselblue attempted (twice) to order XL's. She was talked out of that based on other information she was giving us ..."

(Large pieces boxes are marked "XL" in Fiji ... these two terms are synonyms in this case.)

Birdfish didn't mean that Damselblue literally attempted to process a payment twice! I wonder why Damselblue says, "IF you said ..." ?

You are lying
about things I
supposedly said or did.

I will stick up for
myself when

I am being wronged.

Damselblue's focus has fallen on certain comments made by Birdfish. Once again, solutions are cast aside.


"Quite a bit" ...?
Did Damselblue ever say that? ...I don't think so.


"I showed others on "The Thread" and they totally agree with me."
(Yet, many did not totally agree with her.)
"More than one person agrees with me here."

Hmmm ... no one ever accused Damselblue of saying that "EVERYONE agreed with her" ... BUT WAIT ... DID SHE EVER SAY THAT ??

YES! She DID say that ... in an e-mail message sent to Birdfish ...

"I've posted and have gotten very many people's opinions on "The Thread" ... EVERYONE agrees with me."

I let everyone know that I would respond if Birdfish posted here.

This is what I am doing.

My camera skills have nothing to do with the shape of this rock.

We've heard this before ... LadyOctopus said the same exact thing!

LadyOctopus who has been in the biz of reefkeeping for ten years, a reef store owner who has been in the business twenty years, and many people on the forums have agreed with me that this rock does not provide me with the shapes that were portrayed on the website where I could place corals.

There's no place to set corals?

I've seen quite a bit of live rock come into the reef stores and pet stores. None of it looked quite like this. I'm not the only one that thinks this, as you have seen.

Oh gee!... I must have drifted off ... I don't remember hearing others say that they have never seen live rock that looked like this.

I wasn't expecting dream rock.
I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary. I was just looking forward to getting all the various shapes offered on the website. Keep in mind, not the EXACT SHAPES since some seem to think I thought I was getting those pieces. I know they were not those pieces. I'm not trying to be high and mighty. I'm not trying to act like I know everything.

The facts are, I got boulder shapes.

Facts? My gosh! Damselblue has been having such a hard time with those!

"Without the facts, there can be no truth. Without the truth, there are no facts."   ~ Birdfish

Yes, you finally did write me after one and a half weeks to try and offer suggestions to helping me with my rock. I really appreciate it, even though it was very late.

Did Damselblue say she "appreciates" the offer? I was under the impression that she rejected the offer!

As I recall, Birdfish was in the midst of assisting Damselblue the day she received her live rock ... on the day she started her threads.

Break the pieces was one example. Trading for frags was another. Or you could send me some small live rock.

Whoa! Trade ??? Frags ??? Trading was never mentioned ... and, the offer was for "some nice assorted polyp rocks" ... not frags! Also, it was small pieces of fully-cured live rock, delivered.

I do not trust
your company
after this.

Damselblue has difficulty trusting?
Truly amazing!

I am a novice.
I am not arguing this
Birdfish or Voice of Reason.
I'm not saying I'm not a novice.
I am not claiming to be an expert.

  Tweedle-dee! I dreamt Damselblue knew better than Birdfish!

"They said the live rock should only cure in 1.021 water. That's on the low end of the scale, right people? Isn't it supposed to be 1.025?"

I'm sorry for making people upset.
That wasn't the intention of this thread.

If anyone wants to buy this rock for the price I paid for it, I will sell it to them. Gladly. I'd just warn them beforehand that they look like boulders.


Oy vey !!

Damselblue appeared to be riding high on a wave of negative emotions ...


I feel very sorry for the Fortune 500 company that you were a customer service director for. I've dealt with irate customers myself. Many times.

I have always been very considerate and helpful no matter how vile they were or how much they cursed at me.

That is the truth.

I've never once yelled at you over the phone. I never once e-mailed you something that was vulgar, vile, or equal to how you responded to me.

Vile? Here's a definition ... Offensive to the senses or sensibilities; degrading; highly disagreeable; very bad. (Hmmmm ... I think Damseblue has done some things here that are very bad.)

How would the irate customers I have dealt with feel if I referred to them as being like a terrorist?

How would the families of victims that have been struck by terrorists feel by your statement?

You should be ashamed of even saying anything like this.

I was there when my father left the message and tried to get hold of you. He tried earlier and there was no answer. He kept trying, then left a message.

He stated who he was and that he would like to talk with you about my shipment. He gave you his phone number and where to contact him and let you know it was very important. He was not rude and is a great dad for trying to help me.

He did not ask why the rock was dead.

Damselblue has straightened this out for us ... it is true that her father did not ASK why the rock was dead ... he STATED,"The rock is dead."

He stated who he was and that he needed to speak with you about my shipment and how the rocks were boulders. He talked with you, Mrs. Birdfish. You told him to tell me to calm down and that you are working on it.

He told you there were spiders in my shipment ... you only stated that's what you heard. No apology.

He informed you that these pieces were not like the pieces on your website media that you portrayed.

That they were so large they resembled boulders.

You told him it wasn't your best shipment and you can see from the pictures what we were talking about.

That yes, they indeed looked like bulky boulders.

Hmmm ... this doesn't sound right.
Bulky boulders?

He read your post back to you and asked you why you compared me to a terrorist.
You said absolutely nothing to that.
Why wouldn't you answer me or him?

Why won't you still answer me?
Please, let me know why you stated this!
I am very open to what
you have to say about this.

I'm awake!


Never mind.


It looks alright to me.

Not going to get much better than that for the price you paid.


I feel like I just cannot trust this company to try and make this right. If they can and are willing to replace the boulder-sized rocks with some nicer, varied, and smaller pieces, I will do my research and will work on trying to get this resolved.

I wonder why Damselblue says she doesn't feel she can trust the company to send her some of the pieces of live rock they have offered her?

Instead, she says that she wants them to replace her large pieces with smaller pieces. They have offered to send her additional pieces ... not replace anything.

I wonder what she is really asking for ...?

Please everyone, please, please don't be angry with me here. I'm just a hard-working American like you all out there that has to stretch their budget, if allowing, to make way for their passions. The way it should have started off.

When I went on the website before, I was able to pull pictures off the website and save them to my computer.

LadyOctopus noticed today, that you went through and added some boulder-like rocks to your website. You also put up a program that would not allow someone to copy the pictures off your website.

Why would you do this?

Silly Damselblue! Those were HER pictures! And, there was no new program added ... I wonder why Damselblue is trying to make everyone distrust the company so ???

I have not lied.

I'm not whining.

I'm just stating what I feel.

I've been through too many tears, too much stress, and worrying. I'm sorry, it just is very unsettling.

I should say so!

Please no one
get upset with me
for this.

I believe
most people
in my same position
would do the same.

  Really ? Hmmmmm.

Thank you all for your help and advice. I would really like everyone's advice on what I should do here, what they would do if they were me.

  (I think we've already been there.)

Please go back and read the posts. Then reply with your own message.

Please put yourself in my position. How would you feel?
What would you do?

I'm just completely worn out by this.

  I'll second that.

This experience has caused me to never want to order anything online again. Nothing at all.

I even questioned if nothing happened, how would I afford to buy all new rock that would benefit my system?

I wonder what Damselblue means by "if nothing happened?" Hasn't the company offered to send something? Isn't she the one who is denying their offer? But wait a minute ... "all new rock?" Does this mean she wants all new live rock? None of this live rock will benefit her system? Is Damselblue saying that she wants ALL new rock?






I'd do it if I had to. I just might have to.

  What kind of noodles? I think I'm getting hungry.

Let me know
what you all would do.

I just feel I cannot trust them after what has been going on here.

Would you?


I pity the poor LFS when your first hermit dies.

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