Indonesia Corals

Cultured corals from Bali, mounted (glued) on cement or other base

.pdf page - updated August 16, '22

These are some of the types of corals that are available ... please note that these are ordered in pre-selected boxes as shown on the .pdf page.

Pikachu Staghorn
Strawberry Shortcake Staghorn
Tricolor Staghorn
Pink Selago Staghorn
Multicolor Tenuis Staghorn
Walt Disney Staghorn
Color Tenuis Staghorn
Tricolor Staghorn
Color Selago Staghorn
Sunset Selago Staghorn
Torch Coral - Vibrant Yellow Tentacles
Anchortree Coral - Gold-Yellow
Frogspawn - Green
Frogspawn - Orange
Neon Green Toadstool
Metallic Green Star Polyp
Pineapple Coral
Organ Pipe Coral

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