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Corals may be ordered directly from the place of origin. We offer both aquacultured and wild corals. To see lists of available corals based on country of origin, please refer to our Coral List Central page. For coral assortment boxes, please see our Box-lot Specials selections. For Acropora only, our Acropora Sale page offers details of how to order. Links for these pages are found below. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

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Assortments of hand-picked corals by the box. Box-lot Specials are packed by some suppliers at a discount, which we pass along to you. These boxes are assortments of various selections where the supplier picks the best pieces each week to fill, within the category you select. For instance softies, or Acros, or Mushrooms, or zoas, or all mixed.

Assorted hard and soft corals from acropora or montipora to leathers, as well as rocks covered with mushrooms or polyps, are available from various areas in minimum one box orders.

There are about usually 17-22 pieces in a box, and you can choose which 20 or so you want in the box. Though, of course, if you want lots of the rare stuff, it will be more than box-lot special pricing. Some sources or larger sizes may be 12-15 per box.

Your order goes directly to the source where your box is packed for you at the point of origin. They are shipped via LAX where they get new bags, water, and oxygen, and then to your local cargo airport. Unlike most places, no shoppers (cherry pickers) are in the repack facility, so no one sees your corals but our repackers, what is packed for you by the exporter, you get.

You can use the main Coral List Central page, which has most of the sources' lists on it, to find the location that has the most of what you are looking for.

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