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Welcome ... we're glad to show you around the place! Most of the current pages on our site are included on this page. They're listed under category headings shown below for general information, ordering & shipping information, articles and other reference. Some of the pages shown will provide you with lists of additional pages that are not displayed on this page, (coral and fish list pages, for instance, which are frequently updated.) If you are looking for a particular page or archived pages, please see the A-Z Index for an alphabetical listing of pages.

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Marine Livestock Product Information

There are several pages pertaining to our live rock and corals. This category consists of an overview of live rock, photos, pricing, a live rock FAQ, customer feedback comments page, and a photo gallery comparison page which shows the different live rock shapes and characteristics. There is also information about corals, with printable lists available, as well as a corals indentification section for reference.

Lists in Adobe .pdf format

A guide to understanding the pricing on Marine Livestock .pdf lists

A corals list directory with various coral sources and availabilities

A fish list directory with various fish and invertebrate sources and availabilities

Describes how you can order corals directly from Australia, Tonga, Vietnam, etc., in box quantities. Provides information on our ordering process, as well as links to the lists of types of corals available.

Information on how to obtain "World Class" acropora, both cultured acropora as well as wild-collected

Mixed boxes of mushrooms, zoanthids, soft corals

Categorized listings based on coral types

A brief introduction of live rock for marine aquariums, describing some of the differences in various live rock types, plus some advice for caring for live rock

Photos of our live rock are shown here, as well as ordering information

The basics, plus a little beyond, are described here to ensure that you know how to care for your live rock once you get it home

An assortment of common questions are answered

This page describes methods used by the airlines to arrive at the shipping weights and why there are often differences between the actual weight of a shipment and the chargeable weight on airline paperwork.

Marine Livestock Ordering & Shipping Information

We like our customers to be educated about the ordering process, so we've tried our best to give as much information as we can without boring you to tears! In this category, you can find out how our products are shipped, what happens after you place your order, and what you can expect when your order is on its way to you. There is also a little background information about us, a shipping destinations page, as well as other ordering information.

Brief description about how our ordering process works

Ordering, shipping, and receiving processes are discussed

Describes what you can expect when you have a shipment on the way to you, with an overview of the entire shipping process

A list of some of the available shipping destinations

Airline website links, as well as some information on how to pick up your shipment

A brief overview of our company history and values

Some of our customer feedback is shared on this page for your reference

Articles and Special Presentations

These pages are from our little "bookshelf" of articles ... from how to acclimate saltwater fish, to learning more about how the tropical fish industry works. Our Cultural Page takes you to websites where you can learn more about the places where reefs are found. And, you can also find some interesting photo pages.

Articles -

Proper handling of corals introduced into your marine aquarium is discussed

What to do once you get your fish home from your local fish store

Some advice on additives and trace elements

Design ideas for arranging live rock

Points out that some Internet sites selling aquarium livestock may be using other companies' images

Discusses CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) permits

Leave it in the Sea

Why endangered fish should not be collected and how reef hobbyists can help by lessening the demand and by realizing that it is our responsibility to research animals before we attempt to keep them

Questions the practices that are used in the handling of saltwater fish during transit and why it's important to acclimate your fish slowly

Features postage stamps with fish

How to use organics found in your system to feed your corals

This article points out that there is more to purchasing live rock than free shipping

How hot water may save your day.

The value of hyper-saline bath treatments is questioned

Explores the differences of Indian Ocean fish compared to Pacific Ocean varieties

Learn how to construct an effective water filter in order to make filtered water for your aquarium

Ain’t No Box Big Enough!

Article on marine mammals and how understanding natural marine environments helps one to be a better marine aquarist; includes photos of marine mammals

Discusses some examples of what you may expect when corals arrive

Explains the importance of a quarantine tank

A guide for handling newly-arrived corals

Salinity levels for the marine aquarium are discussed

Temperatures of the marine aquarium is discussed

You may have heard this term around and wondered what it meant. This article shines some light on some of the transport practices used in bringing live rock from Pacific islands to the mainland.

Some tips on how to spot spoof e-mails

Special Presentations -

Features information and photos of polyps

Features information and photos of leathers and soft corals

Features information and photos of mushrooms

Lots of interesting information on this page if you are interested in learning more about the culture, history, geology, location, and natural history of the countries that export live rock and corals.

An assortment of slide shows

Photos of some gorgeous acropora and fish from Vanuatu

A few long-standing marine aquarium books are featured

Resourceful and educational links pertaining to our planet, with tips on how to be a more earth-friendly citizen

An online "play" with lots of information about keeping live rock.

Reference and Miscellaneous

These pages are full of resources if you are interested in finding out more about natural reef systems, oceanography, marine ecology, geography of the South Pacific and Indo-Pacific, and more!

Photo Pages

(Please note that photo pages are not necessarily from sources that are currently available.)

(Deepwater & Shallow Types)

Photos shared by our customers of their live rock, corals, fish or reef tanks

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