Tonga Corals

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Tonga is one of the furthest south tropical places that corals and fish are shipped from. There is an exceptionally deep trench, the Tonga Trench, over 30,000-feet deep near the islands. There are cold water, nutrient-rich upwellings and great sea bird nesting colonies, which fertilize the land and sea. The water temperature is a cool 75-degrees F.

Tonga is a great place to order Acropora and many of the SPS corals, LPS types, such as Brains and Acans, and soft corals, such as Leathers. They have a limited diversity, with much of it endemic, but the quality is excellent.


Acanthastrea - Multicolor
Alveopora - Green Branching
Blastomussa wellsi
Candy Cane
Chalice Coral
Hammer Coral - dull colored
Hammer Coral - Green
Hammer Coral - Gold-Red-Yellow
Torch Coral - Green
Torch Coral - Hellfire
Torch Coral - Green with yellow tip
Torch Coral - Ultra Gold
Frogspawn - Green
Frogspawn - Gold
Closed Brain - Green-Pink-Red
Moon Brain - Ultra
Plate Coral - Red-Orange
Plate Coral - Purple
Plate Coral - Green-Pink
Tooth Coral
Flowerpot - Colored
Flowerpot - Red (frags)
Leptastrea - Ultra Gold
Leptoseris - Orange
Leptoseris - Green
Lobophyllia - Ultra
Lettuce Coral - Ultra - Purple-Green
Montastrea - Colored - Premium
Montipora - fancy
Pavona - Gold
Pavona - Orange
Pavona - Green
Pocillopora - Green
Pocillopora - Pink
Maze Brain
Bubble Coral
Yellow Porites - branching
Master Scolymia
Bird's Nest - Green-Pink
Stylocoeniella - Rainbow
Elkhorn - Green (shallow)
Elkhorn - Green (deep)
Elkhorn - Pink
Open Brain - Premium
Orange Sun Coral
Black Sun Coral
Pipe Organ - Green
Turbinaria - Yellow


Toadstool Leather - Yellow
Toadstool Leather - Neon Green
Spaghetti Leather - Green
Finger Leather - Green
Red Carnation
Pom Pom Xenia
Lavender Mushrooms
Assorted Mushrooms
Assorted Bull's-eye Mushrooms
Tonga Purple Bull's-eye Mushroms
Bounce Mushrooms (semi-)
Yuma Mushrooms


Bubble Anemone
Heteractis Ritteri - Colored
Purple Base - Pink Foot Bubble
Rose Anemone - Premium


Radioactive Dragon Eyes
Bam Bam Zoanthids
Black Dragons
Goblin's Fire
Pink Zoanthids

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