Tracking Your Order & Picking Up Your Shipment

We help you keep track of where your live rock or corals order is when it's enroute to you. After your order has been shipped, you will receive your airline and airbill information. This is very important information, as you will need your airway bill number with you when you pick up your shipment.

You will also receive the phone number of your local cargo office for your airline and other information in order to make it easy to find out when your order will be arriving. If there is no local phone number available, some airlines will connect you to your local cargo office if you call their toll-free number, while other airlines confirm everything at their central office.

Remember that it's always extremely important to be in contact with your local office (if possible) to confirm that your order has arrived and is ready for pick-up before going to the airport. The amount of time required to unload the planes varies based on the airport and the airline, some can be only a half hour or less, while others can be two hours or more. Most airlines require at least an hour or more after your flight has arrived before shipments are made available for pick up.

Also, it's very important that you receive confirmation of an ON-HAND status ... "Ready and Available for Pick-up," unless you do not mind possibly going there to wait.

There are several methods that can be used to conveniently track your shipment so you know when it will be arriving. To learn the status of your order after it's been shipped to get an idea of when it will be arriving, we often use the tracking services provided by the airlines on the Internet.

Some airlines also offer driving directions on their websites, or an airline cargo representative can be contacted if you need directions to the cargo office at the airport. The cargo area is usually at a different site than the passenger terminals, so be sure to ask where the cargo office or cargo counter is located.

Automated tracking systems are available with some airlines by calling a toll-free phone number and entering your airbill number on your telephone keypad. These can be used to estimate the arrival time or confirm the arrival, but they often do not let you know if your shipment is actually ready for pick-up, so a phone call to verify is a good idea.

Your order should be picked up as close to the time in which it becomes available as possible ... this is normally one to two hours after the actual arrival time of the flight. So, a shipment arrives at 1 p.m., it will normally become available for pick-up between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Remember that your shipping will be paid directly to the airline when you pick up your order. Again, take your airbill number with you to for reference, as some airlines will require it. Once you have found out that your shipment has arrived, is available for pick-up, and where it will be waiting for you, you're all set to go!

Below you will find some general information about the online tracking services and general contact information for the airlines.

(800) 227-4622

Delta Cargo

(800) 352-2746

Southwest Airlines

(800) 533-1222

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