Vietnam Zoanthids & Mushrooms

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Vietnam is currently unavailable

Best mixed soft coral boxes!
Sunday to LAX, Monday to you
Order cut-off is on Thursdays!
No additional charges
See details below for piece counts
F.O.B. LAX - no additional charges
(Includes all charges from Vietnam to LAX )

Pay LAX-to-you domestic freight to airline when you pick up

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Last update: Aug. 2021

If there is a more recent list available, it may be available as a .pdf page ... Marine Livestock .pdf Lists

Regular -
You can order half zoas and half mushrooms, or thirds of each
Thin pieces of rock fully covered in A-1 quality
24 pieces per box - $850.00

Includes zoanthids, mushrooms, mixed soft corals below

Mixed Button Polyps, Red, Green Outside with Red Center, Bright Green

Green Striped, Marble, Violet Blue, Light Green & Light Blue Ricordea, Maroon & Green Striped Maroon Discosoma, Green Discosoma, Metallic Green, Mixed Discosoma (thick leaf), Metallic Green, Dark Orange Discosoma, Red, Green, and Blue Velvet, Dark Red Tonga, Assorted Tonga, Blue Tonga, Green & Purple Tonga, Green & Orange Tonga, Blue Bull's-eye, Orange Ricordea, Neon Green Ricordea, Purple Ricordea, Green Ricordea, Green & Purple Ricordea Yuma (+big bubble), Green & Neon Green Discosoma)

Mixed Soft Corals
Note ... soft corals currently unavailable
Mixed variety of Fox Tail Hairy Tree, Sabellastarte, Sinularia Pavida, Yellow Finger Leathers, Yellow Mushroom Leathers, Blue Echinogogia, Sea Fan(Bright Purple & Red-White), Orange Tree Alcyonium, Blue Clove Polyps, Dendronephthya, & Gorgonians)

Ultra Grade -
Limited quantities!
Thin pieces of rock fully covered with Ultra grade shrooms, zoas, and soft corals
24 pieces per box - $1100.00

This mixed box of ultra grade corals can include either all, half, or thirds of zoanthid rocks, mushroom rocks, soft corals totalling 24 pieces

Anemones -
Specialty Box -
Carpets, Bubbles, Mini-max, Long-tentacle, Sebae, Saddle, Maroon, a few oddballs
30-50 assorted - $1100

Considered an Ultra-box, most boxes have 45 anemones
*note when you order this with half of another type of item (zoas, shrooms, softies) the other half will be Ultra

See photos & additional information ... Box-lot Specials

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Marine Livestock Lists
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