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Your live rock, corals, or fish are ordered specifically for you. Since we are not a stocking warehouse, and your order for livestock is sent overseas to be filled, there is a complex process which occurs from the moment your order is placed. The fish business runs on a pay to play basis. We have to pay for your order when we place it.

Cancellation of your order is only possible during certain points of the ordering process. It is usually possible to cancel immediately after placing your order (within 24 hours), only if your livestock has not already either been packed or shipped from overseas. Our Friday is their Saturday and they ship Saturday for Sunday arrival to LAX.

So if you order at the order cutoff deadline on Thursday, there isn't time to stop anything on Friday. It is already Saturday, ship day, over in Indo, Bali, etc. If you don't wait until cutoff to order and order say on Wednesday, then you have a day.

In other words, if you place an order Thursday at cutoff and we immediately pay for it, sending it overseas to be filled, we cannot cancel it as it is already in progress. We have paid for it, they are getting your order together by the next morning.

Within the first 24-hour period (if your order is not already in the process of being packed or shipped), if your order is placed ahead of Thursday weekly cutoff day, if needed, you may cancel your order. But, please note that at this point in the process, we have already determined your airline, possibly made bookings, and have made necessary preparations for your shipment, such as airbill paperwork. All of this takes time and effort.

Due to this, we ask that you please make your ordering decision carefully so there is no need to cancel your order. Please plan in advance, and during certain times of the year when there may be delays or closures overseas due to CITES permits, foreign or our holidays, weather events, plane or freight space issues, etc., please be prepared to be patient under these or other unforeseen circumstances that may occur.

If you should find a need to cancel your order, and it is possible to do so, you will receive an electronic refund to your Paypal or credit card account. Of course, we always regret if you elect to cancel your order, as we are confident that you would have been pleased with your purchase.

If you have any questions or need ordering advice or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would rather answer all your questions in advance so there aren't any later. We will tell you if something is not coming in, or when it is expected, before you order. If something happens and we can't get something after you have ordered, we will refund the purchase price in full, of course.

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