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Please see the following links for recent availability lists and pricing for Bali-Lombok tranship fish and invertebrates. If placing an order, please request the most current list before creating your list.

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A sample list of Bali Lombok is shown below on this page.

This list is common name followed by scientific name (binomial) for accuracy. We have combined a few different lists from over the course of several months in order to be able to give a good idea of the selection of fish available (i.e., not all of these fish are available all the time). Please excuse any typographical errors, it's sometimes difficult to catch them, as the lists arrive to us from points of origin. Also, our apologies for the all lower case, the list is originally all upper case and probably easier to read this way. Of course, correct binomials always have first letter of genus capitalized, and species name always all lower case to be scientifically accurate.

Bali Lombok Fish & Invertebrates -

2-stripe damsel - dascylus reticulatus
3-stripe damsel - dascylus aruanus
4-stripe damsel - dascylus melanurus
allen's fish - labropsis alleni
alleni damsel- pomacentrus alleni
alligator goby - singnathoides biaculeatus
amphotistius kuhlii - square stingray
australian banded goby - corythoichthys intestinalis
australian damsel - pomacentrus australis
banded angel - centropyge multifasciatus
banded blenny - salarias fasciatus
banded goby - amblygobius phalaena
banded goby - doryrhamphus dactyliopharus
banded shrimp - stnopus hispidus
bannerfish - heniochus acuminatus
bantayan butterfly - chaetodon adiergastos
bariene tang - acanthurus bariene
barred squrrelfish - sargocentron spec.
basket fish - halichoeres hortulanus
bicolor angel - centropyge bicolor
bicolor chromis - chromis bicolor
bicolor parrot - cetoscarus bicolor
big anemone - radianthus koseirensis
black angler - antenarius maculatus
black back butterfly chaetodon melannotus
black bar damsel - chromis retrofasciata
black mouth damsel - paraglyphidodon nigroris
black-spot surgeonfish - acanthurus bariene
black tip shark - carcharhinus melanopterus
black true percula clown - amphiprion percula
blue damsel - chryspitera cyanea
blue face angel - euxiphipops xanthometapon
blue face angel - euxiphipops xanthometapon
blue fairy wrasse - cirrhilabrus cyanopleura
blue gudgeon - ptereleotris microlepis
blue koran angel - pomacanthus semicirculatus
blue koran angel - pomacanthus semicirculatus
blue pygmy angel - centropyge flavicauda
blue ring angel - pomacanthus annularis
blue spotted stingray - taeniura lymma
blue star - linckia lavigata
blue tang - paracanthurus hepatus
bluestreak cleaner fish - labroides dimidiatus
bluestreak devil - paraglyphidodon oxyodon
blue-throat triggerfish - xanthichthys auromarginatus
boat fish - stethojulis bandanensis
borbon fairy basslet - holanthias borbonius
brown sailfin tang - zebrasoma scopas
burgess butterfly - chaetodon burgessi
bursa trigger - rhinecanthus verrucosus
cardinal fish - sphaeramia nematoptera
catfish - plotosus lineatus
chevroned butterfly - chaetodon trifascialis
chocolate bird fish - gomphosus varius female
chromis - assorted - chromis sp.
clark's anemonefish - amphiprion clarkii
cleaner mimic - plagiotermus rhinorhynchos
clink fish - diasemichtys sp.
clown anemone - radianthus sp
clown anemonefish - amphiprion ocellaris
clown surgeon - acanthurus lineatus
clown trigger - balistoides conspicillum
convict tang - acanthurus triostegus
copperband butterfly - chelmon rostratus
coral beauty angel - centropyge bispinosus
dancing crab - lybia tessellata
decorated firefish - nemateleotris decora
diana hogfish - bodianus diana
domino damsel - dascylus trimaculatus
dragon wrasse - navaculichthys taeniourus
dusky dottyback - pseudochromis fuscus
dwarf lionfish - dendrochirus zebra
eclipse hogfish - bodianus mesothorax
emperor angel - pomacanthus imperator
fairy basslet - pseudanthias luzonnensis
falco hawkfish - cirrhitichthys falco
false cleaner fish - labroides pectoralis
false skunk clown - amphiprion perideraion
filament devil fish - inimicus filamentosus
filament-fin wrasse - paracheilinus filamentosus
filefish assorted - cantherhines sp.
firefish - nemateleotris magnifica
flagfin angel - apolemichthys trimaculathus
flores dottyback - belonepterygion fasciolatum
flounder fish - bothus sp.
fox face - lo vulpinus
goat fish - parupeneus spec.
gold cardinal fish - pseudamia amblyuroptera
gold specks jawfish - opistongathus sp
golden damsel - pomacentrus moluccensis
golden trevally - gnathanodon speciosus
grammistes blenny - meiacanthus grammistes
gray poma angel - chaetodontoplus melanosoma
great barracuda - sphyraena barracuda
green bird fish - gomphosus varius male
green chromis - chromis viridis
green corn anemone - radianthis specie
green fish - halichoeres chloropterus
green mandarin - pterosynchiropus splendidus
half black angel - centropyge vroliki
halloween milenium fish - chirrhilabrus flavidorsalis
harlequin rockcod - cephalopholis polleni
harlequine shrimp - hymenocera picta
hector's goby - ambygobius hectory
kupang damsel - pomacentrus caeruleus
ladder glider - valenciennea sexgutatta
leaf goby - solenostomus cyapnoterus
lined dottyback - labracinus linertus
lined snapper - lutjanus vita
lipstick tang - naso lituratus
long black urchin - diadema savignyi
long horn cowfish - lactoria cornuta
long nose butterfly - forcipiger flavissimus
long nose hawkfish - oxycirrhitus typus
long spine cardinal - a.leptacanthus
long-finned batfish - platax pinnatus
lubbock's fairy fish - cirhilabrus lubocki
lyre tail anthias - anthias squampinnis
lyre tail fish - thalasoma lunare
lyretail angelfish - genicanthus bellus
lyretail dottyback - p.moorei
madder seaperch - mirolabrichthys dispar
majestic angel - euxiphipops navarchus
mantis shrimp - odontodactylus sp.
marbled cat shark - atelomycterus macleayi
maroon clown pair - premnas biocelatus
marshall's dottyback - pseudochromis marshallensis
melas angel - centropyge tibicen
merten's butterfly - chaetodon mertensii
midas blenny - ecsenius midas
mimic tang - acanthurus chronixis
monkey shrimp - saron marmoratus
mottled shrimp goby - tomiyamichthys oni
orange colored angler - antenarius pictus
orange damsel - paraglyphydodon sp.
orange skunk clown - amphiprion sandracinos
orange stripe fish - hologymnus doliatus
orange tipped rainbowfish - halichoeres melanurus
orange-colored angler - antenarius pictus
orange-spine unicornfish - naso lituratus
orange-spotted prawn goby - vallencienna puellaris
oriental sweetlips - plectorhinchus orientalis
pacific sailfin tang - zebrasoma veliferum
painted sweetlips - plectorhinchus pictus
pakis anemone - radians koseirns
palu anthias - pseudanthias flafoguttatus
panther grouper - chromileptis altivelis
peach fish - halichoeres prosopeion
pin cushion urchin - tripneustes gratilla
polymnus anemonefish - amphiprion polymnus
porcupine puffer - diodon holocanthus
possum fish - wetmorella nigropinnata
pottery angel - centropyge eiblii
powder blue tang - acanthurus leucosternon
pterapogon kaudernii - apogon specie
purple queen anthias - mirolabrichthys tuka
purple queen anthias - mirolabrichthys tuka
raccoon butterfly - chaetodon lunula
radiata lion - pterois radiata
raffles butterfly - chaetodon rafflesi
rainbow fish - thalasoma ablyechepalum
red coris - coris gaimard africana
red corn anemone - radianthus malu
red head wrasse - halichoeres sp
red lobster - enoplometapus debelius
red soldier fish - scolopsis vosmeri
red spot cardinal - apogon parvulus
red spotted blenny - salaria sp.
red star - echinaster purpureus
red stripe goby - amblygobius rainfordi
red volitans - pterois volitans
regal angel - pygoplites diacanthus
roland's demoiselle - chrysipterra rolandi
round faced batfish - platax teira
royal dottyback - pseudochromis paccagnellae
sargasum angler - histrio histrio
sea goldie - psedanthias hutchii
sergeant major - abudefduf saxatilis
short nose puffer - arothron hispidus
shrimp fish - aeoliscus strigatus
singapore angel - chaetodontoplus mesoleucus
six bar angel - euxiphipops sextriatus
six line fish - pseudocheilinus hexataenia
smith anthias - pseudanthias smithvaniz
speckled damsel - pomacentrus bankanensis
splendid dottyback - pseudochromis splendens
spotted grunt - plectorhinchus chaetodonides
spotted mandarin - synchiropus picturatus
springer's damsel - chrysiptera springeri
square anthias - anthias pleurotaenia-male
staghorn damsel - amblyglyhiphidodon aureus
stripe anthias - pseudanthias lori
striped sweetlips - plectorhinchus diagramus
temminck's wrasse - cirrhilabrus temminck's
ternate wrasse - chirrilabrus aurantidorsalis
tomato clown - amphiprion melanopus
true percula clown - amphiprion percula
two spot goby - signigobius biocellatus
undulate trigger - balistapus undulatus
valentini - canthigaster sp.
valentini puffer - canthigaster valentini
velvet fish - paracheilinus sp.
white fin lionfish - pterois antenata
white tail remora - echeneis sp.
yellow anthias - anthias pleurotaenia-female
yellow banded shrimp - stenopus scutellatus
yellow bellied damsel - pomacentrus coelestis
yellow bordered trigger - abalistes stellatus
yellow clown goby - gobiodon okinawae
yellow dog face puffer - arothron nigropunctatus
yellow lizardfish - cryptocentrus cinctus
yellow spotted scorpionfish - sebastapistes cynostigma
yellow tail damsel - chrysiptera parasema
yellow-bellied damsel - pomacentrus coelestis
yellow-eyed comb tooth - escenius melarchus
yellow-tailed fusilier - caesio cuning
zebra lyretail angelfish - genicanthus caudovittatus

Invertebrates -

anemone crab - neopetrolisthes ohshimai
anemone shrimp - periclimenes brevicapals
bali star fish - protoreaster lincki
banded shrimp - stnopus hispidus
blue star - linckia lavigata
brittle banded star - ophiolepis superba
brittle green star - ophiarachna incrassata
camel shrimp - rhynchocinetes uritai
fire shrimp - lysmata debelius
green carpet anemone - stoichacthis kentii
harlequine shrimp - hymenocera picta
mantis shrimp - odontodactylus sp.
milk sand anemone - girostorna sp.
shame faced crab - callapa spec.
skunk shrimp - lysmata amboinensis
slug - thuridilla sp.
steintz shrimp goby - amblyeleotris steintz
white star - archaster typicus

Average fish per box, based on fish size:

Average 16-22 fish per box of mixed sizes; large fish may be 5-10 per box; smalls, approx. 30 per box

Please e-mail us to get current pricing and stock on fish. Most of it is available most of the time.

See the .pdf (or non-.pdf/mobile version) link at top of page for recent availability lists and pricing for Bali Lombok tranship fish and invertebrates ... if placing an order, please request most current list before creating your list.

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