Fiji Acropora Species List
Note: Fiji corals are currently not available - Jan. 1, '18

Fiji Acros cannot be ordered by species ... they are available assorted only.

This is a list of some of the species that are available. Though they often find other types, most of what they send is one of these common twenty or so species in Fiji.

The large-XL size is usually 6-10 a box, the small-medium size is 10-15 per box, and the nano size is 40 per box. On most weeks, Fiji arrives at LAX Tuesday, to you Wednesday, but can vary occasionally. It is always during the week and can't be joined with the "Sunday stuff" from Indo, Bali, Kupang, etc., though it goes well with fish or corals on the Greenhouse List.
Genus: Acropora:


A. samoensis
A. sarmentosa
A. ceralis
A. tenuis
A. secale
A. robusta
A. hyacinthus
A. divaricata
A. yongei
A. clathrata
A. millepora
A. latistella
A. microlados
A. nasuta
A. rosaria
A. loripes
A. paniculata
A. formosa
A. caroliniana
A. tizardi
A. inermis
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