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Acroporas are many reefkeepers' favorites, and for good reason!! They are one of main "reef building" types of corals that so many picture in their minds when they think "corals." They are as diverse as they are beautiful, with at various times and sources, over a hundred species available to the hobbyist.

However they are not recommended for "newbies." You should NOT "cut your teeth" on them ... learn corals with easier, less sensitive, less expensive types (such as leathers, mushrooms, polyps, LPS - large polyped stony - corals), and then, after gaining experience and understanding the husbandry required, graduate to Acroporas, and other SPS (small polyped stony) corals.

We offer Acroporas in box lots (usually 10-12 to 20) direct from the overseas suppliers. We have only the highest quality animals from independent "old-timer" shippers who know their Acro shipping beyond your imagination. Our products are not the cheaper, commonly commercially available ones. They are 5-star Grade AAA pieces.

There is a one box minimum - one box minimum (just one!) from *any single given site of origin* ... your order will be packed for you at the island of origin.

The wild pieces run from golf ball (small) sized to hand ball, or tennis ball sized (medium), with some ranging to baseball to softball sized (large) ... aquaculture sizing typically runs smaller than wild sizing. Most aquaculture pieces are golf ball to hand ball, or tennis ball sized at best, the Java is called 3"+ colonies. Most Indonesia cultured sources are about that, some will be a little bit under, some will be over that.

Note: Acropora shipments are not always a weekly thing, most sites are every two weeks at best. Sometimes due to weather or permits, there might only be one shipment in a month.

Kupang Acropora
Kupang Cultured Acropora


Scheduling can fluctuate ... please check with us for availabilities!


Please see ordering page link below to order Fiji Acropora ...

Fiji Acropora


Cultured Acropora

Please see the following page for current scheduling, photos, and pricing ...

Acropora abrotanoides
Acropora abrotanoides / Acropora aculeus

Acropora austera
Acropora austera / Acropora florida

Acropora microclados
Acropora microclados

Acropora microclados
Acropora microclados

Acropora millepora
Acropora millepora

Acropora tenuis
Acropora tenuis

Acropora humilus - hyacinthus
Acropora humilus / Acropora hyacinthus

Acropora polystoma - secale
Acropora polystoma / Acropora secale

Some customer photos can be seen on this archive   Kupang   page.

Kupang offers a variety of cultured acropora, with different varieties offered from time to time. If you don't see what you are looking for on one list, check back to see what is being offered on the next shipment.

The following types are usually available ...


Acropora microclados
Acropora microclados

Acropora tenuis
Acropora tenuis

Acropora tenuis
Acropora tenuis

Acropora florida
Acropora florida

Acropora hyacinthus
Acropora hyacinthus

AUSTRALIA - Currently unavailable

Thanks to the Chesapeake Marine Aquarium Society for this set of Australia Acros!
(Additional photos can be seen on "Australia Acropora Photos" link above.)

Australia Acropora

Australia Acropora

Australia Acropora

TONGA - Currently unavailable



Note: When ordering from sites that offer species lists, you may order assorted if you want. If you provide a list, your order may or may not exactly match your list for various reasons, such as there were no CITES permits that week for that type or they weren't looking good for shipping, or they were out. Usually, subs will be of a very similar appearing species, or another of something you did order. Often, the lists are filled almost exactly, but not always, and we can't completely control or guaranty the selection of every piece on any given week, order, or box. Actual quantities may vary slightly ... adjustments will be made after your shipment arrives.

You pay domestic freight to your local airport from LAX. The corals get to you the day after the "Arrival LAX" day.

We have supplied these corals to wholesalers, stores, and the biggest farmers in the country. You will be very satisfied too. Most boxes will have at least a couple or a few pieces you will have never seen, or maybe saw in a picture once. Many customers say they have not ever seen pieces like these. Excellent health, great sizing, not to mention our superb customer service.  

We always recommend dipping if not running a quarantine tank. Their health is great. DOA's are near zero. So, if you are thinking of doing some Acropora stocking or fragging, we assure you that you would be thrilled with any of the boxes above.

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A message from Birdfish ...

Fraggers who have purchased these have received a dozen-plus frags or more (immediately) per piece, from any of the wild origin sites. There are some pictures on the site here that can give an idea of the pieces you get. They are "World Class" or they wouldn't be here!   smile

If you split a box with a friend, make darn sure you have absolutely decided picking terms BEFORE you crack that box open!! We will not be responsible for any injuries....  smile

Here is a before and after photo of a Fiji Acropora sent to us from a customer. The first image (on the left) is from when it was first received. A nice pink Acro, seemingly nothing extraordinary. The larger photo is after six months or so ... note the blue tips on the new growth. Thanks to Jason for the pics!

Before    After

I can just about guaranty it had those blue tips when it was collected. But over the couple of weeks of acclimation to tank life, and then going through shipping, it has lost the color from the fresh recent newest growth areas. In a few months with proper care, a rather large percentage of single color Acros 'out of the box' will respond the same way. So to a degree, especially with Acros, even when you open the box, what you see is not what you will end up with. Usually they get much much better than at first light after a couple of rough days in the dark. Most will reacquire their full original colors. They still have some of that dna in there. Often as not, that green Acro will end up with some other color on the tips or polyps. A good supplement (trace elements) regimen is very important, fast growing Acropora can really eat it up.

Happy Acros!!

If you have questions don't hesitate to send an e-mail or call. With your order please send us an e-mail with your phone number ... and we'll need to know the name (city) of your nearest major airport.

After ordering you will receive an order confirmation and upon shipment you will receive a shipping notification, which will include the estimated time of arrival for your shipment, as well as other details. The average shipping cost for one box of corals (U.S. destinations only) is approx. $75-125, depending on the airline, and your location.

Please note, orders cannot be accepted from southern California, unless there are flights there from LAX (no LA area orders, sorry). Also no orders can be taken from Hawai'i, Canada, or any international destinations ... thank you!

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