Bali Fish
See the following link for a recent availability list and pricing for Bali tranship fish and invertebrates ... if placing an order, please request most current list before creating your list.
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Bali Blue
Bali Blue is one of the fish suppliers in Bali, if not the best. The larges are so big, only order mediums. Excellent quality fish, as good as it gets, and that is better than most of what is out there. They do not ship every week, often every-other week, and have a great stock list. Their facility is A-1 and for a long time there was one of those fish biz exclusives with one importer so their fish were only available to stores that bought from that wholesaler. Now we can get it. And so can you.
Bali Blue Tranship Fish -
** Does not ship every week **

Angel Keyhole (Tibicen)
Half Black
Coral Beauty
Midnight (Black)
Bicolor (Oriole)
Yellow Heraldi
Blue Koran
Blue Ring
Blue Face
Regal - Sumatra
Black Velvet
Japs. Swallow - Female
Zebra Swallow - Male
Golden (Red)
Blueback (Colini)
Bellus (Female)
Bellus (Male)

Square - Male
Yellow - Female
Tricolor (Rubrizonatus)
Lyretail ( Pink ) - Male
Lyretail (Blue-eye) - Female
Tiger Queen
Purple Queen
Red Antenna (bloched)
Striped Faity Basslet
Yellow Lined
Spotted Borbon
Red Saddled Basslet

Pseudochromis - Dottybacks
Royal Paccagnellae Dottyback
Golden (Yellow) Dottyback
Red Damperia Dottyback
Royal Rainbow Dottyback
Splendid Dottyback
Redhead Dottyback
Two Banded Dottyback
Panther Grouper
Betta Marine (Cometa)
Red Lyre Tail (Louti) Grouper
Slender Spine Grouper
Blue Spotted Dottyback
Harlequin R-cod Grouper
Strawberry Dottyback

Bat Fishes
Zebra Tiera

Goby Half Tail Antenna
Bicolor Blenny
Orange Spotted Blenny
Red & Black Headed Blenny
Leopard Rock Blenny
Jeweled Rock Skipper Blenny
Jawfish (Big Mouth)
Red jawfish opistognatus
Smith's Blenny
Mandarin Spotted
Mandarin Green
Scooter Blenny
Fork-tail Blenny
Red spotted Sand Perch
Mother Antenna Blenny
Midas Blenny
Grammistes Blenny
Spotted Sand-diver
Antenna (Tangaroai) Goby
Sun-tail Goby
Gobiodon Parrellus
Oriental Flying Guarnard

Butterflies & Banner fishes
Copperband Butterfly
Yellow Long Nose Butterfly
Pyramid (Diamond) Butterfly
Threadfin Butterfly
Raccoon Butterfly
Saddle Butterfly
Mirror Butterfly
Sickle Butterfly
Bantayan Butterfly
Klein's Butterfly
Lined Butterfly
Meyer's Butterfly
Eight-Striped Butterfly
Raffles Butterfly
Baroness Butterfly
Mellon Butterfly
Vagabond Butterfly
Checkered Butterfly
Melannotus Butterfly
Chevroned Butterfly
Bennet's Butterfly
Ornate Butterfly
Citron Butterfly
Punctato Butterfly
Two-eyed Butterfly
Ocellated Butterfly
Pakistani Butterfly
Reticulatus Butterfly
Teardrop Butterfly
Semeion Butterfly
Heniochus Black & White
Heniochus Brown
Heniochus Hifin (Treeband)
Burgess Butterfly
Heniochus Singularius
Falcula Butterfly
Guenther's Butterfly
Guttatissimus Butterfly

Damsels, Chromis, Cardinals
Yellow Chromis
Blue Green Chromis
Blue Devil Damsel
Orange Tail Blue (Male)
Yellow Tail Kupang Damsel
Yellow Tail Damsel
Half-blue Manado Damsel
Half & Half Puller Chromis
Talbot's Damsel
Sergeant Major Damsel
Domino (3-Spot) Damsel
4-Stripes Damsel
3-Stripes Damsel
2-Stripes Damsel
Honey Head Damsel
Yellow Bellied Damsel
Yellow Damsel
Narrow Barred Damsel
Blue Velvet Damsel
Jewel Damsel
Blue Fin Damsel
Red Damsel
Black Bar Chromis
Electric Blue Damsel
Cardinal Blue (longspine)
Cardinal Red Spotted
Cardinal Bangai
Golden & Black Stripes Chromis
Red & Black Stripes Chromis

Clown - Anemone fishes
Sebae (Brown & White)
Sebae (Black & White)
Saddle (Giro Clown)
Red Tomato
Red and Black Tomato
(Fire) Red Saddle Tomato
Orange Skunks
Pink Skunks
Maroon - Pair
True Percula Biak
Gold Stripe Maroon
White Cap

Eels, Morays
Blue Ribbon Eel
Black Ribbon Eel
Zebra Moray Eel
Ghost Eel
Snowflake Eel
Green Wolf Eel
Eel Garden - Assorted

File Fishes & Tile Goby
Filefish Orangespot
Filefish Red Tail
Filefish Assorted
Filefish Tassled
Blue Banguillo (Dolphin Shark)
Blue Banguillo (Dolphin Shark)
Tile Goby Blue Face
Tile Goby Redstripe (Skunk)
Tile Goby Purple
Tile Goby Flashing
Tile Goby Dusky
Tile Goby Pastel
Tile Goby Yellow

Gobies & Pipefish
Feathertail (Razor) Goby
Golden Head - Sleeper Goby
Six-Spot Sleeper Goby
Tri-band Sleeper Goby
Orange Spot (diamond) Goby
Two lined Sleeper Goby
Cleaner Mimic
Banded Goby
Citron Goby Yellow
Citron Goby Asst color
Scissor-tail (Dart) Goby
Blue Goby
Blue Gudgeon Goby
Bar (Zebra) Goby
Firefish Goby
Purple Firefish Goby
Yellow Striped Worm-Eel
Two-spot Goby
Orange-Stripe (Randall) Goby
Pink-Blue (Multi) Spot Goby
Yellow-Watchman (Prawn) Goby
Hector's Goby
Banded Pipefish
Many Red Banded Pipefish
Jan's Pipefish
Green Alligator Pipefish
Australian Banded Pipefish
Knife Fish
Yellow-nose (Blackband) Goby
Bruguier (Flag) Goby
Orange Spotted-Prawn Goby
Goby Shrimps - Pair
Blue Stripe Pipefish
Goby Red Banded

Rays & Sharks
Ray Blue Spotted
Ray Square Kuhlii
Ray Shovelnose
Shark Cat (Bamboo) Eggs
Shark Banded - Spotted
Shark Black-tip Reef (Baby)
Shark White-tip Reef (Baby)
Shark Kalimantan (Baby)

Misc. ( Assorted Fishes )
Porcupine Shortspine
Puffer Dog face
Puffer Valentini
Puffer Blue Spotted Toby
Porcupine Soft Spine
Boxfish Scribbled
Boxfish Spotted
Puffer Blue Spot (Asst.) Toby
Boxfish Yellow-Cubicus
Shark Remora
Sweetlips Oriental
Sweetlips Black & White
Sweetlips Spotted Clown
Sweetlips Painted
Sweetlips Yellow Lined
Foxface Magnifica (Indian)
Rabbitfish Double Bar
Rabbitfish Blue Spotted
Soapfish Six-lined
Soapfish Yellow - Banded
Basslet Indo Guard
Basslet Japanese
Lyco Yellow (Brotulid)
Cowfish Long Horned
Moorish Idol
Anglers Asst. Ord.
Anglers Asst. - Half-color
Anglers - Black
Anglers - maculatus
Anglers Asst. Color
Anglers Sargassum
Rhinopias Hairy & Asst color
Rhinopias Hairy Asst. Ord.
Stripe Squirrelfish
Tropical Eyed Flounder Asst.
Parrot Bicolor
Goldend Trevally
Threadfin Indian
Catfish Striped Marine
Snapper B & W (Macolor)
Yellow Lined Bream (Snapper)
Snapper Red Emperor
Snapper Humphead (Redblood)
Snapper Hi-fin
Snapper Blue Lined
Leaftfish Sailfin Asst. Ord.
Leaftfish Sailfin Asst. Colored
Goatfish Forskal's
Goatfish Yellow-Saddle
Wrasse Yellow Slingjaw
Trumpet Asst. Color
Fusiliers Assorted
Stonefish White
Stonefish Red
Stonefish Red
Stonefish Red
Squirrel Bigeye (Soldierfish )
Flat-head Crocodile Fish
Puffer Manila (Striped)
Puffer Ringer (Star & Stripe)
Puffer Blackspot (Starry)
Puffer Starry Colored
Puffer False-eyed
Puffer Fine-spotted
Puffer Bennett's
Puffer Four-barred
Cowfish Thorned-back
Sea Moth

Scorpion Fishes ( Lion Fishes )
Shortfin (false)
White Longfin
Peacock - white
Sea Goblin Scorpionfish

Redtooth (Niger)
Blue Line
Yellow Margin
Dotty (Titan)
Blue Jaw - Female
Blue Jaw - Male
Scythe (Crescent)
Black Indian

Tangs - Surgeon Fishes
Vlamingi Tang
Naso Tang
Blue Spotted Naso Tang
Blue Tang (Hepatus)
Blonde Naso Tang
Pacific Sailfin Tang
Brown Scopas Tang
Long-Horn Unicorn Tang
Surgeon - Clown
Surgeon - Powder Brown
Surgeon - Powder Blue
Surgeon - Mimic
Surgeon - Orange Shoulder
Surgeon - Convict
Surgeon - Yellow
Surgeon - Chocolate
Surgeon - Tailring (Gray)
Surgeon - Assorted
Surgeon - Tenneti
Surgeon - Tominini
Surgeon - Leuco
Surgeon - Maculiceps
Surgeon - Bariene
Surgeon - Dussumieri
Surgeon - Eiblii
Surgeon - Nigricauda
Surgeon - Guttatus
Surgeon - Fowleri

Wrasses, Hawkfish, Hogfish
Basslet Barred Spiny
Blue & Yellow Stripe Wrasse
Yellow Tail Anamp. Wrasse
Black & White Tail Wrasse
Diamond Spot Wrasse
Yellow Tail Anamp. Wrasse
Hogfish Lyretail
Hogfish Coral
Hogfish Saddleback
Hogfish Twospots
Hogfish Dianas
Hogfish Eclipse
Hawkfish Spotted
Red Antenna inermis
Hawkfish Forster's
Blue Side Fairy Wrasse
Red-eye Fairy Wrasse
Lubbock Fairy Wrasse
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse
Twin Spot Wrasse
Mediteranian Wrasse
Red Coris Wrasse - Adult
Red Coris Wrasse - Juv.
Green Bird Wrasse
Brown Bird Wrasse
Barred Wrasse
Half & Half Wrasse
Yellow (Golden) Wrasse
Three Spot Wrasse
Green Wrasse
Checkerboard Wrasse
Dusky Wrasse
Cleaner Wrasse
Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse
Alleni Wrasse
Golden Cleaner Wrasse
Dia Demichthys
Black Leopard Wrasse
Dragon Wrasse
Filamented Flasher Wrasse
Carpenter's Fairy Wrasse
Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse
Six-Lined Wrasse
Orange Band Wrasse
Lunare Wrasse
Parrot Green
Hawkfish Long Nose
Blue Hear Lunare Wrasse
Disappearing (Scarlet) Wrasse
Green Leopard Wrasse
Yellowback (Cometa) Wrasse
Sea Grass Wrasse
Wetmorella Wrasse
Hogfish Red Candy-Stripe
Red Tail Ruby Male Wrasse
Wrasse Red Tail Ruby Female
Wrasse Yellowfin Fairy
Wrasse Debelius Fairy
Wrasse Red Head
Wrasse Walindi Fairy - (Female)
Wraase Walindi Fairy - (Male)
Green Razorfish

Shrimps & Lobsters
Shrimp Cleaner
Shrimp Fire
Lobster Red Reef
Shrimp Banded
Shrimp Blue Legged Banded
Shrimp Yellow Head Banded
Shrimp Harlequin (Orchid)
Shrimp Anemone
Shrimp Sexy
Shrimp Camel
Shrimp Mantis
Shrimp Sarron
Shrimp (Snapping ) Pistol
Shrimp Peppermint
Lobster Spiny Blue or Green
Lobster Purple Reef

Invertebrates- Anemones, Cerianthus, Tube Worms, Crabs, Slugs
Octopus Common
Anemone - Ritteri Violet
Anemone - Long Tentacle
Anemone - Purple Long Tentacle
Anemone - Corn
Anemone - Red Corn
Anemone - Red-based Flat
Anemone - Full White
Anemone - Brown Flat
Anemone - Yellow Flat
Anemone - Carpet Brown
Anemone - Carpet Asst. Colored
Finger Tube Worm
Finger Tube (Asst. Color)
Finger Tube (Ujung pandang)
Crab Anemone
Crab Boxer
Crab Spider
Crab Hermit ( Asst. Ord. )
Crab Blue Legged Hermit
Crab Red Legged Scarlet Hermit
Crab Red Hermit
Crab Hermit - with Anemone
Starfish Asst. color Horn
Starfish Checkered
Starfish Red
Starfish White Send
Starfish Blue
Starfish Green Brittle - Serpent
Slugs Colored Asst.
Cucumber - Black
Cucumber - Yellow
Cucumber - White
Cucumber - Red
Cucumber - Long
Cucumber - Pink
Sea Apple Austraian Royal
Starfish Common Feather
Urchin Black Long Spine
Urchin Long Spine Colored
Cowrie Sp.
Cowrie Egg
Cone Striated Snail
Scallops Flying
Urchin Ord. Stone Pencil
Urchin Colored Pencil
Urchin White Tip Asst.
Finger Red Tube Worm soft
Finger White Tube Worm soft
Finger Yellow Tube Worm soft
Starfish Cushion
Urchin Colored Shortspine
Cerianthus Assorted Colored XL (orange)
Cerianthus Membranaceus White
Octopus Blue Ring
Cuttlefish Asst.
Octopus - King-Zebra
Snail Red & Gray Sponge
Crab Red & Gray Hermit
Turbo (Common) Snails
Turbo (Red-striped) Snails
Feather Star - Colored
Jellyfish - Upside-down
Urchin - Black Short Spine
Jellyfish - Blue Saucer
Spanish Dancer
Anemone - Carnation
Giant Seapen
Coco Hard Tube Worm Red
Coco Hard Tube Worm White
Crab Fiddler
Sand Dollar or (Cake) Urchin
Sea Hare
Corn anemone color
Lobster Shrimp Purple

Tank Raised
Premnas Epigrammata 3cm
Premnas Epigrammata 3cm golden
Clowns ocellaris
Amphiprion percula (edge black)
Amphiprion percula
Amphiprion polymnus (Bali)
Amphiprion polymnus (Papua)
Amphiprion sandaracinos 2.5cm
Platax pinnatus 5-8 cm
Picasso percula 4cm B1
Picasso percula 4cm B2
Apogon kauderni
Panther Grouper - Grace Kelly
Amphiprion clarkii 3cm
Black ocellaris 3.5cm up
See the following link for a recent availability list and pricing for Bali tranship fish and invertebrates ... if placing an order, please request most current list before creating your list.

Bali Blue
(Adobe .pdf)

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