Fancy Mushrooms
Greenhouse List
Here is a selection of some fancy mushrooms that are available. These are tanked in L.A., and available to be added on to your order as it passes through. They are pricey as specialty shrooms are, but they are very beautiful fancy Grade-A shrooms.

Ricordea -
These are Viet Nam Rics, each a single polyp on an individual tile. $30 each.
Beautiful orange tips on dark.
Ricordea Mushrooms

Jawbreaker -
These are quarter sized mostly, some nickel, some a bit bigger.
They are mostly $150-200 each.
Tell us which one you want, we will get a price.
Jawbreaker Mushrooms

Bounce -
Most of these shown are Rainbow Bounce.
You have to buy $2000 of stuff to get one.
They run $300-500 each.
Most are quarter sized, some between that and half-dollar.
Ask about any in particular if interested.

Bounce Mushrooms Bounce Mushrooms Bounce Mushrooms Bounce Mushrooms Bounce Mushrooms

Kryptonite -
Dime, nickel and quarter sized. $150-200.

Kryptonite Mushrooms

Kryptonite Mushrooms

Toxic Kryptonite -
Green, yellow, and orange, $150-300 pending size, most quarter to half-dollar.

Kryptonite Mushrooms Kryptonite Mushrooms Kryptonite Mushrooms

Other types available include:

Asia -
Bounce - Green
Bounce - "Toxic Green"
Bounce - Orange
Bounce - Rainbow
Jawbreakers with hints of red
Yuma - Taiwan Rainbow

Caribbean - on greenhouse list
Ricordea - assorted (no green)
Flower Anemones
St. Thomas - Red

If you have any questions on any of the above, inquire.