Red Sea Fish
Note: The following availability list for Red Sea fish is not current:

Red Sea
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There may be some Red Sea fish available from Sri Lanka or from our tanked list shown below. If placing an order, please request most current list before creating your list.

Sri Lanka list

Tanked Fish & Corals
Red Sea are not always available as the schedules change, or it can be off-line at times. They have a short list, with just some of the few popular specialty endemic species that for half or so of them, you can't elsewhere get besides Kenya.

When available, Red Sea tranship is $300 per box all included: freight from there, box charge, clearance, re-ox, everything but the contents. Boxes average 10 medium fish per box, less for real big fish and more for all small fish.


Pomacanthus asfur - Arabian Angelfish
Pomacanthus maculosus - Half-Moon Angelfish
Pygoplites diacanthus - Red Sea Regal - Angelfish
(I.O. and Red Sea Regals are yellow-bellied, and good eaters)


Chaetodon semilarvatus - Golden Butterfly
Chaetodon larvatus - Hooded Butterflyfish
Chaetodon faciatus - Red Sea Racoon Butterfly
Chaetoden mesolocus - White Face Butterflyfish
Chaetodon austriacus - Blacktail Butterflyfish
Chaetodon gardineri - Gardner's Butterflyfish
Heniochus intermedius - Red Sea Bannerfish


Zebrasoma xanthurum - Purple Tang
Acanthurus sohal - Sohal Surgeonfish
Zebrasoma desjardinii - Red Sea Sailfin Tang
Ctenochaetus striatus - Yellow eye surgeonfish


Ecsenius gravieri - Red Sea Mimic Blenny
Meiacanthus nigrolineatus - Blackline Fang Blenny
Ecsenius dentex - Combtooth Blenny
Ecsenius midas - Midas-Persian Blenny
Ecsenius pulcher - Ornate Blenny
Ecsenius aroni - Aron's Blenny


Rhinecanthus assasi - Picasso (Red Sea) Triggerfish


Pseudochromis flavivertex - Sunrise Dottyback
Pseudochromis fridmani - Fridman's Dottyback
Pseudochromis dixurus - Forktail Dottyback
Cheilinus lunilatus - Broomtail Wrasse
Larabicus quadrilineatus - Fourline Wrasse
Paracheilinus octotaenia - Red Sea Eightline Wrasse
Anampses twistii - Yellowbreasted Wrasse
Paracirrhites forsteri - Blackside Hawkfish

Pack estimate: Large 4-6 per box
Med. 8-12 per box (usually 10)
(It all depends on the size of the fish!)

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