Kupang Corals
Excellent high quality cultured corals, mounted (glued) on cement or other base
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Nov. '20

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Most recent update: November 16th

Note ... the following is an example list of corals that have been available from Kupang in the past.

Acropora - Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Color
Alveopora - Green, Color
Blastomussa wellsi - Green, Red
Caulastrea - Big Polyp - Green, Color
Caulastrea - Small Polyp - Green, Color
Cyphastrea - Green, Red
Dendrophyllia - Green, Orange
Diploastrea heliopora - Green
Euphyllia glabrescens - Green, Yellow, Color
Euphyllia paraancora - Green, Yellow, Color
Euphyllia yaeyamaensis - Green, Yellow, Color
Favia - Green, Red, Color
Favites - Green, Red, Color
Galaxea - Green, Color
Goniopora - Green, Red, Blue, Color
Hydnopora - Green
Leptoseris - Green, Orange
Lobophyllia - Green, Red, Yellow, Color
Merulina ampliata - Green
Montastrea - Green, Red
Montipora - Green, Orange, Blue
Oxypora - Green, Red, Color
Platygyra - Green, Color
Pocillopora - Green, Red
Porites - Red, Blue
Seriatopora - Green, Red, Yellow
Stylopora - Red, Yellow
Symphyllia - Green, Red, Color
Turbinaria - Green, Yellow, Color

Kupang Coral Photos
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