Kupang Corals
Excellent high quality cultured corals, mounted (glued) on cement or other base
Photos of current Kupang corals, please inquire for additional information ...

Note ... the following is an example list of corals that have been available from Kupang in the past.

Acropora - Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Color
Alveopora - Green, Color
Blastomussa wellsi - Green, Red
Caulastrea - Big Polyp - Green, Color
Caulastrea - Small Polyp - Green, Color
Cyphastrea - Green, Red
Dendrophyllia - Green, Orange
Diploastrea heliopora - Green
Euphyllia glabrescens - Green, Yellow, Color
Euphyllia paraancora - Green, Yellow, Color
Euphyllia yaeyamaensis - Green, Yellow, Color
Favia - Green, Red, Color
Favites - Green, Red, Color
Galaxea - Green, Color
Goniopora - Green, Red, Blue, Color
Hydnopora - Green
Leptoseris - Green, Orange
Lobophyllia - Green, Red, Yellow, Color
Merulina ampliata - Green
Montastrea - Green, Red
Montipora - Green, Orange, Blue
Oxypora - Green, Red, Color
Platygyra - Green, Color
Pocillopora - Green, Red
Porites - Red, Blue
Seriatopora - Green, Red, Yellow
Stylopora - Red, Yellow
Symphyllia - Green, Red, Color
Turbinaria - Green, Yellow, Color

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