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Coral Hub
Resources and training for coral identification

Coelacanth: The Fish Out of Time
Recent history, biology, behavior and
conservation of this "living fossil"

About Atoll Formation
How winds play a role in shaping atolls

Fisheye View Cam
Camera based at Coral Gables, Florida

Introduction to Scleractinia
Presented by U.C. Berkeley, CA

Palmyra Atoll: Rainforest of the Sea
An online expedition


Tropical Marine Biology Voyages   (great site!)
Presented by Odyssey Expeditions
Includes fish & coral reef biology;
oceanography; marine and fish ecology;
coral bleaching; mangroves, SCUBA, forums

Underwater Photo Gallery
Presented by Aquatic Images

Oceanographic Resources -

American Cetacean Society

E.P.A. - Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds

Explore Under Water Magazine

National Oceanographic Data Center

Includes info. on satellite-tagged animals,
including seals and sea turtles

Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institute

Marine Environment & Conservation -

Coral Magazine

Friends of the Sea Otter

Natural Resources Defense Council

Sea Turtle Survival League

Sea Web   (great site!)

The Cousteau Society

Meteorology & Oceanography -




NODC-NOAA Ocean Climate Laboratory

Forums & Message Boards -

Reef Central

Reef Talk
Assorted information, articles & videos -

From "EV Nautilus" - gulper eel (Eurypharynx pelecanoides) - Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument

First footage of deep-sea anglerfish pair ...

Bioluminescent Life U.S. Postage Stamp

Seastar Stranding in U.K.
Thousands of sea creatures blanketed the beach in Ramsgate on England's south coast in one of the biggest mass strandings on record in the UK

Cyclone Gita in Tonga

Giant Clams
World's largest species of giant clams identified as most threatened

"Slow-motion video, followed by real-time video, of an electric eel (eel D) leaping to shock an imitation predator containing LEDs powered by the electric eel’s discharge. Conductive tape along the top of the prop provided the current path to the diodes."

Non-native species from Japanese tsunami aided by unlikely partner: Plastics

Home aquariums in Victorian Era were newest fad
Natural history-crazed Victorian era

"One November night each year, beneath the full moon, more than 130 species of corals simultaneously spawn in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef ..."
The Lunar Sea

Magnetic beads mop up sunblock in the sea

Canary in the Kelp Forest -
Sea Creature Dissolves in Today’s Warming, Acidic Waters

Science Daily
Three quarters of deep-sea animals make their own light

Tropical Cyclone Debbie's Silver Lining:
Cooler Waters and Less Coral Reef Damage 3/28/17

Okeanos Explorer 2017 American Samoa Expedition
Photos & Videos

Okeanos Explorer 2017 American Samoa Expedition
"Cosmic Jellyfish" Video

Conus regius, a small marine cone snail common to the Caribbean Sea, packs a venomous punch, capable of paralyzing and killing its prey. In this study, the researchers found that a compound isolated from snail's venom, Rg1A, acts on a pain pathway distinct from that targeted by opioid drugs.
Compound from marine snail is potent pain reliever

Banned chemicals from the 1970's found in deepest reaches of the ocean

Bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants in the deepest ocean fauna

Oldest captive fish euthanized in his mid-90s by Chicago aquarium

An extensive reef system at the Amazon River mouth

A Massive Coral Reef Discovered Near The Amazon Is Already In Danger

From the Scripps Institution of Oceanography -
Research Highlight: Researchers Capture First Glimpse of ...
Ruby Seadragons in the Wild

Marine Biodiversity Records -
Phyllopteryx dewysea, Syngnathidae

Impacts of the Kaikoura Earthquake on the south end of Waipapa Bay, New Zealand

Scientists just found the largest continuous coral system

Fish Can Be Smarter Than Primates

Area off Cape Cod will be designated as national monument

New deep-reef Butterflyfish in Papahanaumokuakea discovered

New Algae Species Discovered in Hawaii's Deep Waters

Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument Latest News and Events

How Castro and Cousteau's Legendary Friendship Preserved Cuba's Oceans

A lionfish invasion has begun in the Mediterranean Sea

Lionfish Invasion

A 3-inch monogamous hermaphrodite proves the saying 'there's plenty more fish in the sea' isn't always the case. And researchers say said the loyal chalk bass offers humans in relationships this simple wisdom: You get what you give.

Discrimination of Human Faces by Archerfish

Australia Pressed UN To Ignore Great Barrier Reef in Key Climate Report

Philippines' Giant Fish Are Disappearing

Oxygen-depleted oceans have preceded many mass extinctions in Earth’s past, including the worst one of all 252 million years ago. Are hypoxic dead zones from California to Namibia a harbinger of the next extinction?
Suffocating the Ocean

Ocean acidification may be impacting coral reefs in the Florida Keys

Many farmed fish are hard of hearing

Octopus makes great escape from New Zealand aquarium

Red Crabs

Coral bleaching event continues
WunderBlog® - Dr. Jeff Masters - WeatherUnderground

Fiji Cyclone Winston in South Pacific

Title for 'Earth's first animal' likely goes to simple sea creature
Sponges may be source of molecular fossils that significantly predate Cambrian explosion

2015 Ocean Art contest winners

Vaquita Porpoises could go extinct in two years

Numerous marine animals entangled in fishing gear
NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

Worldwide coral bleaching episode

Biofluorescent Sea Turtles

Glowing Sea Life Secrets

Live Cams - bear, puffin, cayman reef, and other

Walrus Cam

Red Sea Glowing Corals

Eilat's Corals

Catfish climbing cave wall

New Sea Dragon Species Flaunts Ruby-Red Skin

Massive single coral colony observed in Japan

Undersea Eruption Near Tonga - Image

New O'ahu Aquarium Fishery Rules Approved

Banggai Cardinal Moves Closer to Endangered

Monterey Bay Aquarium Web Cams

Coral Bleaching Near Oahu

Fluorescent Corals

Corals as Engineers

Saving Albatross

Polynesians Set Sail on Historic Journey

Tonga Ruled

Coral Reef Safe Sunscreen

Cousteau Mission-31

Cousteau Mission-31 on Facebook

Marine Food Web

Some Corals Resistant to Climate Change

Coral Time Lapse

Shark Finning

Freshwater Mussels

Coral Study

Underwater Circles

DDT Killing Condors

Fukushima and Marine Life

Son Doong Cave

New Acro Colonizes Oahu, Hawai'i

Ocean Carbon

Marine Litter

Micro Beads in Great Lakes

Hawai'i Sharks

Thailand Oil Spill
Samet, a small resort island that each year draws some 1 million tourists due to its pristine beaches

Lion Fish Hunters

Reef Predators

NASA Mars Exploration

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone

Planet Solar

Space Weather Gallery

Unique Sealife Found

Time Lapse

Stingrays and Tourism

Cost of a Saltwater Aquarium per Bloomberg

Hottest Reefs

Surfing Life: Ban Bombs

Bombing Mentawai Reefs

Lionfish in Florida

Lionfish as Invasive Species

Vapor Rivers in Brazil

Arctic Sea Ice

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary - Gulf of Mexico

Deep Sea Coral

Crochet Corals

Nautilus Live Expedition

Nautilus Live on Facebook

Sea Orbiter Construction

Reef Research

Tuvalu Island Stamps

Bright Crabs
Philippine island of Palawan home to four newly-discovered and brightly-colored crabs

Raja Ampat Coral Wilderness
"In far eastern Indonesia, the Raja Ampat islands embrace a phenomenal coral wilderness."

Science Alert

Oceanography from NASA

Bridge Ocean Education Teacher Resource Center Marine Education Resource Center
(Oceanographic Resources for Marine Educators)

Climate Watch Magazine - Fending Off Invaders in Warmer Climate

Sunscreens Damaging Coral Reefs

Albatross Chicks - Midway Atoll

Global Maps
NASA satellites' global view of what's happening on our planet.

Red List of Threatened Species

Red List - Wrasses - news


Caribbean Coral Reef Decline and African Dust - An hypothesis

African Dust

The Effects of African Dust on Coral Reefs and Human Health

Video - Male Parrotfish Butting Heads

Lost Penguin Notes From 100 years ago

Ocean Warming

Bristlecone Pines

Video clips from around the web ...

Bali Coral Reef Mushroom Forest

Chambered Nautilus

Flying into Vava'u airport, Tonga

Diving Manado - Sulawesi part 1

Bunaken Marine Park Diving - Kima Bajo Resort

Diver Dan Vintage Childrens' Show - 16 episodes combined

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