Tonga Corals
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Tonga Corals
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Tonga Coral Photos
Tonga is one of the furthest south tropical places that corals and fish are shipped from. There is an exceptionally deep trench, the Tonga Trench, over 30,000-feet deep near the islands. There are cold water, nutrient-rich upwellings and great sea bird nesting colonies, which fertilize the land and sea. The water temperature is a cool 75-degrees F.

Tonga is a great place to order Acropora and many of the SPS corals, LPS types, such as Brains and Acans, and soft corals, such as Leathers. They have a limited diversity, with much of it endemic, but the quality is excellent.
Acanthastrea Amakusensis - Color
Acanthastrea Bowerbanki - Green
Acanthastrea Bowerbanki - Orange or Red
Candy Cane - Caulastrea
Fungia - Bright Green
Fungia - Pink
Fungia - Yellow-Orange (rare)
Galaxea facicularis - Crystal Coral
Goniopora - Green
Goniopora - Pink-Red
Ouluphyllia crispa - Ruffled Brain
Plerogyra simplex - Bubble Coral - White
Scolymia australis - Button Australis - Color
Scolymia vitiensis - Green
Scolymia vitiensis - Red-Orange
Tubastraea sp. - Black
Tubipora musica - Organ Pipe
Turbinaria - Cup coral

Euphyllia Cristata - Torch - (usually light orange)
Euphyllia Glabrescens - Torch
Euphyllia Paraancora - Hammer - Thick Branches
Euphyllia Paradivisa - Frogspawn
Euphyllia Ancora - Hammer Wall

Acropora sp. - Acropora variety species and color
Echinophyllia Sp. - Chalice Echino
Hydnophora sp.
Montipora sp. - encrusting
Mycedium elephantotus - Chalice Mycedium
Pachyseris Rugosa - Elephant Skin coral
Pavona - Green
Pavona - Orange
Seriatopora Hystrix - Pink
Stylophora - Green
Stylophora - Pink

Discosoma Mushrooms - Color
Rhodactis sp. - Lavender
Rhodactis sp. - Purple
Sarcophyton sp. - Yellow Leather

Zoanthus sp. - Mixed Zoanthid colors

Nassarius Snails
Eactamaea quadricolor - Pink Foot Anemone
Eactamaea quadricolor - Red Bulb Anemone
Eactamaea quadricolor - Green Bulb Anemone
Eactamaea quadricolor XL - Red Bulb Anemones
Heteractis Malu Malu Anemone - Purple

Also see our Greenhouse List which often features Tonga corals & clams.

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