Tonga Corals
Tonga Corals
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About Tonga corals ...

Tonga is one of the furthest south tropical places that corals and fish are shipped from. There is an exceptionally deep trench, the Tonga Trench, over 30,000-feet deep near the islands. There are cold water, nutrient-rich upwellings and great sea bird nesting colonies, which fertilize the land and sea. The water temperature is a cool 75-degrees F.

In 2018 Fiji and the Indonesia area closed for coral exports. The Indo closure took Bali, Manado and other sources in the area with it. It may change in the future but for now they are offline. So, Tonga has become the go-to place for hard corals now. There is Australia occasionally but it is somewhat overpriced frankly. Tonga is currently the only source available weekly for hard corals.

Tonga is a great place to order Acropora and many of the SPS corals, LPS types, such as Brains and Acans, and soft corals like leathers. They have a limited diversity but excellent quality. Much of it is endemic. You can't get it anywhere else. We shipped Tonga fish and corals for years, until the situation changed there with live rock being closed, and the fish people left.

Until recently there was just one coral shipper operating and the quality didn't meet our standards, so we were not carrying it. Recently another shipper went online, actually working with some of the old folks we used to work with, and so we are carrying it again. It has been most excellent, A-grade and better for the most part, as it should be.

There are two shippers there. The good one, and the cheap one. Not to be confused, they are not the same people. Cheap isn't good and good isn't cheap as the old saying goes. The good one has an exclusive to one person in LA, so we have access. The other ships to a half dozen or more of the LA pirates, and though there are occasionally good pieces, there is not the consistency of quality we demand for our customers.

It is not an exaggeration to call it 'almost Australia'. We have had customers say an Acan they got was a $200 colony. Same for some of the Acros. Generally, exotic places don't list sizes (to sell by the inch, or centimeter) and only sell by species. So the size floats a little. Tonga sizing is generally very good, and most will be medium to large size colonies, palm sized is common.

The average box is running about 14-16 colonies currently. Select about that many from the list, add contents up, then add the $400 inbound freight, landing, and handling charges per box, to figure an estimate. Most mixed boxes are running about $750-$800 or so lately. An Acropora box is $880 estimated at a dozen colonies in the box. You can e-mail us your list and we'll figure it out, and send you a link payment button to click and follow for the amount. Order by Thursday, receive the following Thursday. Currently it is arriving Wednesdays to LAX, so Thursdays to your local airport.
Acanthastrea Multicolor - Acanthastrea echinata
Acanthastrea Multicolor - Acanthastrea bowerbanki
Acropora Deep water - Acropora sp
Acropora A+ - Acropora sp
Alveopora Green - Alveopora sp.
Astreopora - Astreopora sp
Candy Cane - Caulastrea sp.
Cyphastrea - Cyphastrea sp.
Chalice Coral - Echinophyllia sp.
Euphyllia Hammer - Euphyllia paranacora
Euphyllia Frogspawn - Euphyllia divisa
Closed Brain - Favia sp.
Moon Brain - Favities sp.
Plate Coral - Fungia sp.
Flowerpot - Goniopora sp.
Leptastrea sp.
Lobophyllia sp.
Lettuce Coral - Merulina ampliata
Montastrea sp.
Montipora sp.
Pavona - Pavona maldivensis
Pocillipora - Pocillipora damicornis
Maze Brain - Platygyra-Goniastrea sp.
Bubble Coral - Plerogyra sinousa
Yellow Porites - Branching - Porites cylindrica
Scolymia vitiensis
Bird's Nest - Seriatopora sp.
Stylophora sp.
Open Brain - Symphyllia sp
Tubastrea sp.
Pipe Organ - Tubipora musica
Purple Scroll - Turbinaria sp.
Yellow Scroll - Turbinaria sp.

Clove Polyps - Clauveria sp.
Yellow Toadstool Leather - Sarcophyton sp.
Neon Green Toadstool Leather - Sarcophyton sp.
Green Spaghetti Leather - Sinularia sp.
Green Finger Leather - Lobophytum sp.
Red Carnation - Dendronephthya sp.
Pom Pom Xenia
Lavendar Mushroom - Actinodiscus discosoma
Assorted Colored Mushrooms - Actinodiscus sp. (colonies)
Pseudo-jawbreaker Mushroom - Discosoma sp. (per head)
Assorted Color Bull's-eye - Rhodactis inchoata (colonies)
Ricordea yuma (per head)
Psuedo Bounce Mushrooms - Rhodactis sp. (per head)

Green Bay Packers Zoas - Zoanthus-palythoa
Radio Active Dragon Eyes - Zoanthus-palythoa
BAM BAMS - Zoanthus-Palythoa
Black Dragons - Zoanthus-palythoa
Goblins Fire - Zoanthus-palythoa
Ruby RED-RED wine - Zoanthus-palythoa
(most about golfball size colonies)

Bubble Anemone - Enatacmaea quadricolor
Heteractis Ritteri - Heteractis qagnifica
Malu Anemone - Heteractis malu
Purple Malu - Heteractis malu
Purple Base-Pink Foot Bubble Anemone - Entacmaea sp.
Rose Anemone - Entacmaea quadricolor

Linkia sp.
Sand Starfish - Archaster typicus
Brittle Star - Ophiothrix sp.
Nassarius Snails

Also see our Greenhouse List which often features Tonga corals & clams.

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