Sample Assorted Tranship Coral Boxes
Here are a few samples of low-cost, assorted tranship coral boxes to give you an idea how the tranship thing works. You have a box charge per box, plus the contents you choose. The inbound landing charges per box are the various costs involved in getting a box here from the other side of the planet. There is international freight (about $7 per kilo - most coral boxes are 25-30k), an origin (exporter) box and packing charge (most $20, some $25, Aussie $30!), a CITES fee per coral (often $2 per colony or piece). Then upon arrival to LAX, clearance through Fish & Wildlife (U.S. F.& W. is $500 per shipment) and Customs (bonded broker); plus the acclimation, repack, and re-ox with all new water, ox, and bags. There is a lot involved, we do it all, you need no permits, and we bundle it into one easily understandable price. Most coral boxes are $375, some $350, some $400.

Coral boxes are heavier than fish boxes (more int'l freight weight) and have the per coral CITES charge so they are more expensive than fish boxes, which are usually about $300 versus the $375 of most coral sources. The fish work the same way though. It just depends on what you put in the box. The exporter follows your list at the origin source when packing your box. You can pick twenty $5 corals to fill the box; or, you can pick twenty $50 corals and have a thousand in contents, plus the per box inbound landing costs. As a rough estimate figure at $375 per box with 20+ corals, it is under $20 per coral for freight and landing costs from the origin source, to and through (F.O.B. - freight on board) LAX.

Remember that you will pay the domestic shipping (LAX to you) to the airline when you pick up. This is usually less than $100 for one box, under $150 for two, which partly depends on where you are. Some secondary market destinations are higher (especially if Delta "DASH only" cargo service).

Here are some sample assorted boxes from various sources showing some of the different price ranges for boxes of corals straight from the source. We also have higher ones if these are not enough for you. Australia, Taiwan Fancy Zoas, rare premium Acroporas, etc.  

(does not arrive every week)

Green Hairy Mushroom - 7.50
Watermelon Mushroom - 11
Yellow Polyps - 8.50
Green Star Polyps - 12.30
Green Clove Polyps - 15
Yellow Sand Zoanthid Polyps - 9
Colt Coral - 13
Green Leather - 4.35
Yellow Sarcophyton Toadstool - 7.5
Blue Sponge - 7.50
Green Favia Brain - 15
Orange Plate - 14
Bubble Coral - 14
Green Open Brain - Trachyphyllia - 18
Green-polyp Red Pipe Organ - 11
Pagoda Stone Cup - Yellow - 7
Diplostrea Moon Coral - 4
Wellsophyllia - Green - 24
Green Goniopora - 9.90
Sm Elegance - 22.50

This example is 20 pieces.
The contents would be about $250 (with a couple of more items added), plus inbound landing costs of $375 - total, approx. $625.

For other Indonesia corals, please see the following page for additional information ...

Indonesia Corals

You may order a box similar to the example shown above here ...


Yellow Pagoda Stone - Turbinaria - 15
Red Favia - 24
Green Pineapple Favites - 22
Metallic Green Lobo Brain - Sm - 15
Goniopora - Green - 15
Bubble - Med - 12.50
Yellow Cup Pagoda - 17
Green Caulastrea Candy Coral - 18
Orange Plate - 14
Pink Plate - 20
Green Slipper - 9
Red Lobo Brain - Sm - 15
Green Pipe Organ - 13
Striped Mushroom - 14
Metallic Green Star Polyp - 18
Green Finger Leather - 15
Green Devil's Hand Leather - 15
Green Sarco Toadstool - 18
Neospongodes Yellow-Pink - 16
Capnella Kenya Tree - 8
Sand Polyp Red (can be pink, orange) - 10
Yellow Polyps - 8
Blue Sponge - 8

This example is 23 pieces.
The contents would be about $325, inbound tranship landing costs per box $375 - total, approx. $700.

Kupang Corals

You may order a box similar to the example shown above here ...

So there are a few examples to show how to figure out a custom a-la-carte tranship box. First see which source has what you want, make your list and add up contents, add inbound box charge and there is your price. You can make a list and send it to us and we can figure it out, and/or tell you where's best to get any type of coral. In general, our Box-lot Specials page has it all bundled together already, but lack the pick and choose a-la-carte option. You can make a very low cost box up yourself though as you can see. Always remember to keep in mind your domestic LAX-to-you shipping which you pay to the airline when you pickup the shipment. If you have any questions do not hesitate to holler or e-mail.

(Fiji corals are currently unavailable)

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